Custom art request...

Hey guys,

I originally posted here and finally found this sub forum. anyways. i am looking for someone who can make me some case art.

I want some MvC3 kinda look. the above link shows my case in the works.
If your able to do this for me please let me know. I am sure we can work something out.

Are you looking for a custom drawing, or just a custom layout with official art? Either way, I’ve done both:

Design work by hybridmink on deviantART

The second stick is an original drawing. The rest use official art.

those look great.
i wanted custom layout with afficial art.
can you help me out? if so i have the blank template here.

Well it depends what you want. I usually charge $20 for a commission like this. If you’re still interested, let me know exactly what you want. If you just want someone to slap some art in that template, we might be able to work out something cheaper.

pm sent.

Mr. Redflags :stuck_out_tongue: