Curse You Richards! The Doctor Doom Thread

plasma beam :qcf: + attack
photon shot :qcb: + attack
molecular shield :dp: + attack

photon array :qcf: + 2attack
sphere flame :dp: + 2attack

to be updated with more info soon :slight_smile:

Gawt DAMN I love Dr. Doom

Villiany confirmed! :cool:

“Either I win or you lose… decide quickly” is a better thread title :wink:

How about his new and improved Sphere Flame? Now it’s not completely worthless if you whiff.

Deadpool and Chris are likely rejoicing with the fact Doom is in the game (assuming they keep Molecular Shield as one of his assists).

remixed Doom’s Marvel Super Heroes Theme, aw yeah

Hopefully he still chips crazily as an assist other than that he’s looking really amazing :smiley:

thats the thing about doom studying the gameplay tailer he looks a little bit slower this time around.
his molecular shield doesn’t come out instantly like it used to.
im pretty sure that once doc doom got hit in MVC2 the rocks would still be on screen.
i have to wait and see some pros actually use him and see.


@ Killa bee your right his molecular shield startup does look slower to me but the startup on his beam an photon charge look dramatically increased not only that but he looks faster in general.

Also Why the fuck isnt his photon charge Pink.

So happy Doom made the cut.

I’m also bummed photon charge isn’t pink anymore.

What is that at 0:56 and 2:12? Looks like a vertical molten molecular shield that falls back to the ground.

QUICK start a newly-announced character thread with a witty and relevant strapline preceeding the topic title before anyone else comes up with another suitably witty strapline!

I really hope someone just calls a thread by it’s fucking name. Like ‘The Viewtiful Joe thread’.

thats just boringf.

Buffed sphere flame looks sweet.
Nerfed rocks isnt.

yeah he looks a lil slow…not to excited about him…

Just a joke about Strider/Doom being joined at the hip in MVC2

And I’m so disappointed that “CURSE YOU, RICHARDS!” isn’t Doom’s K.O cry.

Doom rocks still do lovely chip damage, so they can’t be but so bad.

Also, I think he has a new move? In he part of the trailer right before Chum-li takes him out, Doom shoots out some rockt behind him, that go up and land in front of him? these rockets could do one of two things I think: hey could track the opponent (which would suck since they’re so slow) or they go to specific parts of the screen. If this is the case, they might be trying to make Doom more of a Zoning or even a trap character? what do you all think?

Even with that crazy Capcom brand voice mixer, Doom kinda sounds like Jamieson Price. Kinda. Just the way he said “Plasma beam!” and “Molecular Shield!” Sounds kinda Tager-ish.

old doom chip: [media=youtube]-Scf_dkkq_Y#t=5m30s[/media]

New Doom Chip: [media=youtube]cHWpYmzMYCc#t=1m10s[/media]

Also, in mvc2, the stun never lasted that long after the rocks disappeared. You needed the point character to fill the gaps for Doom.

the Doom rocks look like they might only do SLIGHTLY less chip (its really hard to tell) but its still some nice chip. As for the stun, they look identical to me.