Curiosity: alex = biff?

my brother was playing saturday night slammasters the other day. he remarked on how similar biff slamkovitch (aka alexsey/alexei zalazof/zalazov) looks to alex, as well as their moves. doing a comparison, it seems alex has ALL of zalazof’s moves, AND alex is confirmed to have been a wrestler.

are they one and the same? we know capcom’s fondness for putting characters from one series into other series (especially into/out of street fighter); joe from sf1 or gunloc from slammasters (i forget which one exactly) is confirmed to be guile’s brother, and there’s reason to believe joe IS gunloc (need confirmation on this too); alex’s main rival is hugo, who (being from final fight) usually rivals haggar, who is a wrestler…from SLAMMASTERS. all i need is one bit of confirmation to make sure of this, because if this is true it significantly increases the chances of capcom putting more ppl into street fighter in the future from other series and therefore will give us much awesomeness and rejoicing.

Could you show a video of some sort of the character in gameplay?

Sounds very interesting.

[media=youtube]kUXhNHUOz8w[/media] (snes version tag team match)
[media=youtube]-KNKh8JjyMg[/media] (mame tag team match, alt color)
[media=youtube]1O2zyL1NGvE[/media] (apparently THE combo video, starts off w/zalazof in action)

i don’t have muscle bomber/slammasters on my comp, nor do i have a vid cap program installed ATM, so i can’t take vid myself.

also, wikipedia says japanese version had zalazof trained by haggar, & english version he mentions a “comrade zangief.”

I just want to say Ring of Destruction (Slam Masters 2) is the shit.

lol look at the title on the right.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they based on him Biff. They have the same look and flash chop.

For a second, I thought you were talking about Biff Tannen.



Interesting, I always just thought Alex was based of “Axel” from final fight, just remove the leather and you got the red headband and the way his hands are open reminds me exactly of Alex’s idle stance

But now looking at Biffs move set he was definitely used for Alex, maybe both were?

When I see “Biff” I think Back to the Future so…

Alex is based on Hulk Hogan and wrestlers in general. Hell, he’s got Jake the Snake’s DDT.

Fun fact: The guy who played Biff is now a Christian music artist. I actually met him when I was a teenager.


Eeuuuuhhhh what are you doing here

Make like a hockey stick and get the puck out.

I always thought Alex and Biff are the same person. We know Haggar trained Biff and Gunloc (Guile’s brother). If you pay attention, Alex inherited Haggar’s overall! :grinning::+1: