Cunning of a Master - A Gen Gimmick Video

A little while back i remember watching a video about how you could do super and mantis reset and than ultra and have it hit on the other side, this absolutely blew my mind and i’ve been working on some nasty resets and setups that generally follow suite. All of these setups are done on an opponent blocking high and to the front, some feedback would be great and thanks in advance!

good video. but in all honesty NOT VIABLE

good video. but in all honesty NOT VIABLE

I like it actually, but its very rare to stun with Gen.

not really, I stun with gen quite alot. but the scaling is usually not in my favor.

Well if you do then a good reset like some of these should help you right?

Dont sleep on any tech. Good shit.

Don’t get me wrong but I like setups and tech except those that are pretty much one frame timing and shouts to my opponent “pls back dash!!!” Or “pls reversal me with invincible move” believe me this tech is old and is useless in any reasonable match. But using this in a troll match is gatlike.

Good shit. I love videos like these.