Ctiofbrass crack session Wednesday 5/19/10 @6pm

Guys its time to practice up for ECT2

Who: HI! Me!

What: SSF4

When: this wednesday @ 6pm

Where: @ my house in Queens

Why: dont get made when you get rapped on a live stream by a scrub… dont say i didnt warn you!

price: c’mon its me!

food: ill see about that but drinks are always available

steam: yup yup teamspooky.com

3 set ups for 360

so confirmed:

Me yay!!!
Chung (commentating)
smooth viper
pr rog?
hak (commentating)
mike g
booty clappa

Too bad AH2 comes out next week.


Wow that’s awesome man I’d love to go to these. Can’t wait to see the matches!

Lol, gotta get your # for the next one (this is Eddie btw) :o

Where do y’all play at besides Chaz’s house? Joe’s?

yoooooo id love to hit up one of these i need to level up.

a lot of nyc heads know im decent i guess.

Hit me up! I live in Bklyn so Queens is just a J train ride away.

i would like to thank everyone for coming out. i thought the 4 set ups would be good enough for the round robin but i started it too late for 20 ppl

thanks for coming out:

li joe
and the host captain ryu, scoot magee, mike A or what ever you call yourself now lol j/k… thx

i know im forgetting ppl srry guys

vids will be up later today

roms: srry u couldnt make it
arturo: boooooooooooooooo we dont believe you anymore : (

next time i have a great idea too… that day i was playing steve h and flashmetroid on d hyo’s account. im sure the days we have a random session other ppls do as well. imma try to see if next time we use a set up just to play ppl online

eddie: srry we missed u man but i didnt have your number

everyone else: just pm me ur alias name, nick name, number and how you can help out our sf4 community and ill put you on : )

Should of called me. We went to Mike’s (Captain Ryu) house.

Good games everyone.
Godlike session last night. Got home at 5, fucking Long Island.

I’d love to hit this up too.

I’m down for the next gathering, I’m a scrub though.

here is one of teh 11 vids


im going to list a few things that would help get our sessions going smoother

more/another/better capture card. hopefully an hd supported one
an exel or whatever spread sheet of a 20 x 20 round robin sheet
more places that is able to host
someone that can pm me a better post than what i have up top ( ill give you the credit np)

i cant do this all on my own you know? thx for the help guys

so if you ask me how can you contribute these are a few ways how

Good suggestions. I’d also like to suggest either an earlier start time on Sunday or just have sessions on Saturday, especially for those coming from outside LI and Queens.
I can try to find resources for getting round robin and tourney brackets; since I wanna help LI Joe out with ECT, helping you with this stuff may provide me with some learning experience.

Where do we sign up?

everyone else: just pm me ur alias name, nick name, number and how you can help out our sf4 community and ill put you on : )

That viper player was me. R–>A<—hsaan vs joe. WIth an A:bgrin:

shit u told me 30 times… srry man I actually have them all uploaded already but they are set to private so the guys that came by send me a fr req on utube and u can see them. until then I won’t release them to public until I get more hype in this page. ppl like to view pages and vids but don’t say shit

Why keep the vids on private? WC just had some big SF4 barfight event, and vids for it are public. I think if have the vids public we can get more hype, but that’s just my opinion :sweat:

ill prove it jazzy, ill unlock them now

Edit:Hmm would it be possible to get more than 4 setups so that the RR could work?