Cthulu, chimp, and sparky dimensions?

Hey, my apologies if this exists somewhere else, I really did look first.

I’m working on a metal plate for a custom stick and I’d like to be able to mount different boards onto it. I’ve searched around but I can’t find the dimensions (specifically hole size and distance from the centre of a hole to the centre of another.) of the sparky led board, chimpSMD board, or cthulu board. I don’t currently have any in my possession so I can’t measure them myself. I was hoping maybe someone wouldn’t mind measuring theirs, or perhaps if someone just knew it or where I could find it that would be great.

I’d also be very happy to know the dimensions of any of the other main boards people like to put in custom sticks (it’s easy enough to drill a few extra holes)

Anyway, thanks for your time

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