Cthulhu customer from Evo -> Please contact me

As is the curse of being a geek, I can’t remember names for shit. But I got everything that was described about his problem and stick. If this fits someone you know, or you, please direct them here or to contact me over PM.

Black guy, average to slim build. Approached me on Sunday during HDR finals wanting to talk about a problem he was having with his stick. Stick was a custom made wood case, stand alone MC Cthulhu with an RJ-45 jack. Korean stick (Fanta?), unknown buttons, round hole in the bottom plexi directly under stick shaft. He was experiencing problems with unwanted dashes coming out in PS3 SF4/Tekken, and on the 360 when using a PSX->360 converter.

If you’re reading this, please post up or send a PM so we can talk about it. I had an idea of what may be wrong that didn’t occur to me at Evo, and wanted to make sure you get taken care of.

now this is what I call ‘customer service’ :tup:

And will be all in vain if I can’t find the guy. What really really sucks is that if I’m right about what I suspect the problem is, then the problem is my fault. (Well, if it was an assuming Cthulhu like most. If it was a kit, then at least I can tell him how to fix it.) I can deal with folks who have a tweaky stick if they can’t install it properly, but if its something I fucked up on, I need to be on that shit.

This’ll be my last bump. If this is you or someone you recognize, any help would be appreciated.

Was there Nina art on the stick?

if so, was it this guy?

Day TWO - slash5150’s Photos

I’m not sure which guy exactly you’re referring to, so I’m guessing you mean the guy sitting down as player 1. I seem to remember the guy being a little darker skinned, and I dont recall glasses or facial hair. It definitely wasn’t the stick he’s using in the picture before that one. Still, I’ll take a chance. If you have a handle (and forum, if he isn’t here on SRK) I’ll send him a message.

Oh crap, I think I may have found the stick:
Perfect Legend Stick on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
So, does anyone know Perfect Legend, or how I might get ahold of him?

I know he has a blog. (Assuming this is the same Perfect Legend.)

He also posts here. http://shoryuken.com/members/perfect-legend/