CT, May 8th, Project-Failure 16 man tourny bi-weekly

Game: Super Street Fighter 4

Rules: Double Elimination, Best of 3 matches, Finals Best of 5 matches(Tonamento.com brackets) Each match 2 out of 3 rounds
Size: 12-16 players
Fee: $5 Tournament, $5 Venue
Hardware: Xbox 360, Bring your own stick, 3 hd stations for tournament use, two additional hd stations for casuals. (there may be casuals on other games as well)
When: Saturday May 8th, 2010. 3pm. Tournament begins at 4pm.
Where: 134 Wooster Street, Naugatuck, CT 06770. See Parking/Directions HERE.
Payout: 70/30, May 8th’s Venue Fee will go towards the pot.

This tournament will be run bi-monthly (Every two weeks). (We will try to adhere to this without conflicting with other local tournaments)

Because of the venue, this tournament is capped at 16 players.

This tournament is reserved seat only. If you are not on the list, do not come knocking on my door on may 8th. If you are on the list and want to bring a friend (to watch), let me know, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Top 12 will receive a seat in the next tournament, bottom 4 will not be invited back, If you are bottom 4 and want to come back, let me know, we’ll add you to the rotation list, this will keep new faces and good competition.

If you have a reserved seat, and cannot attend the next tournament, let me know. We’ll work something out, and bring in some new blood. If you cannot attend this tournament, but wanted to be added to the rotation list for future tournaments, let me know. Sooner you are on the list, the better. If you are on the list, and you no-show, please have a good excuse if you want to come back.

There may be other money match/side tourneys afterwards, we’ll have some other games on hand.

If you have suggestions, for future changes, let me know. We’re always looking to improve the way things are done. So if you have a great idea for the next tournament we’ll see what can be done.

RESULTS THREAD=http://shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=235838&p=8868630


  1. Kyriptic
  2. g0dhand
  3. Joey Miggs81
  4. Herokiller
  5. deadlymagnoct
  6. LordPangTong
  7. Magic Whale (LordPangTong)
  8. Andersen
  9. mtsaska
  10. squidkilla117
  11. Jerry (deadlymagnoct)
  12. kryonik
  13. Essex
  14. Skillz (Andersen)
  15. Aumni
  16. bboyredcel [Craig “Free Chicken” Keller]

Rotation List
-Danny Schme

Guests Total: 2

I’m in man.

Im game baby Bang Bang!!!

You should invite the waterburry players, they are really good

im down

awesome, I’ve heard good things about you min at least i think it was you hehe

Waterbury isn’t segregated from this tournament hehe. Spread the word to those players you know I’d appreciate it.

im down

to lose

lol Bacardi does this mean your in and wrecking magno? or just trash talking and not backing it up :stuck_out_tongue:

dont worry about bacardi

i rep all members of team spaghetti house

Beta Ray Min is to much for anyone

I will be coming to this with one confirmed friend, and possibly 2 others. Am I aloud to sign up multiple people?

Yes you are allowed to signup multiple people, BUT please make sure they’re actually coming. It would really suck being down 3 people and only having 13. I would really prefer they just reply to the thread, but if your 100% sure they’ll come with you and they don’t have a SRK account its ok. Also give me a name or handle to put up on the list for them.

LPT your from boston? I saw some meltyblood tournament you were top 8 and I thought you said your from CT?

LPT, Would be fine if your friends came, if they want to play, try to get me their names, and we’ll get them on th elist, if they are just coming to hang out thats fine. let me know if its going to be more than the 3 of you, so i can make sure we have enough room.

I need to get rid of this target. is it on my back or forehead?

Alright, good shit guys. Only confirmed people thus far in my car are myself and DannySchme. I’ll talk to my pending people and post up if they decide to go.

@Kriptic: I went to school in Boston this year, but I live in Connecticut. I’m transferring to Uconn next year, so I should have time to become active in the CT scene for my games haha.

man that melty blood tournament looked mad hype lol

Glad to have you back in CT

Thank ya kindly!

Melty IS hype. If you guys would be up for having a Melty setup at this bi-weekly gathering, I can provide.

We should be all set for a Melty setup, but if we’re not I’ll let you know LPT

sign me up homie