CSUN Games Room

What’s up? New semester starting and I figured we might as well have a thread for CSUN.

CSUN is too dope. Where’s Benson?

yeah good thread. i play there during class breaks :slight_smile:

yea and I sometimes play during class :wgrin: I hope they fixed the sticks and that they dont break for the first month like last time :wasted:

Nice looking arcade.

Hey are you gonna be there on Tuesday? I’ll stop by around 2ish to check if it’s still broken. If you will be there can I get the copy of Puzzle Bubble? thanksss

i’ll be there tomorrow before my 11am class and before my 3pm class…hopefully I can get some fun matches witch’all

good chance that I’ll be meeting up with some peeps out there around 12ish. Hopefully there will be lots and lots of people there to play against :slight_smile:

I’ll be there tomorrow from 11-12:30ish

Attention: mahvel cabinet is down/off because it has been freezing!

I blame you and Illan. i have video proof :arazz::lol:

CSUN peeps, what games do you have in ur game room?

[media=youtube]_G-8j3a-hI0"[/media] :tup:

Marvel is fixed and I wil be there at 11 today.

Throughout the semester I’ll probably be hitting this place up for 3s on Mondays and Wednesdays around 330.

Your Jesus Flips:angel: are too sick, so sick in fact that even you threw up:lol::pray::coffee:

arcade freezing up and this time it is not my fault

I think part of it was drinking a little too much of my own blood :looney:

the guy that fixes the machine came today and check ed mvc2 machine out. he said that the reason it was freezing was because the game was running hot and at too high of a frequency. It also needs a new power supply which he said he would bring some time next week.

i believe he also fixed tekken and maybe 3s if there was something wrong.

and pherai whens the next podcast, i have some questions :wgrin:

Hopefully it’s up and running on Tuesday. I’m going to be making a special appearance =P