CSFAC: Street Fighter IV

With SFIV finally out on home consoles (sorry PC gamers), I think it’s time to have another Character Select Fan Art Challenge!


here’s the order:

[COLOR=“Red”]M.Bison (dictator)
1 Mar - 7 Mar
8 Mar - 14 Mar

**Vega (claw)
**15 Mar - 21 Mar

**Balrog (boxer)
**22 Mar - 28 Mar

**El Fuerte
**29 Mar - 4 Apr

**5 Apr - 11 Apr

**12 Apr - 18 Apr

**19 Apr - 25 Apr

**26 Apr - 2 May

**3 May - 9 May

**10 May - 16 May

**17 May - 23 May

**24 May - 30 May

**31 May - 6 Jun

**7 Jun - 13 Jun

**14 Jun - 20 Jun

**21 Jun - 27 Jun

28 Jun - 4 Jul

5 Jul - 11 Jul

12 Jul - 18 Jul
19 Jul - 25 Jul

**26 Jul - 1 Aug

**2 Aug - 8 Aug

**9 Aug - 15 Aug

**16 Aug - 22 Aug

**? **- random select: draw a character who you think should have been in SFIV!
23 Aug - 29 Aug


[]Anyone can join this – just post your artwork in this thread. No need to sign up or anything.
]Do your best to draw everyone, not just the characters you like. Challenge yourself!
[]Artwork can be anything from a quick doodle or a completed piece. Just as long as you did it yourself!
]Do your best to follow the schedule. But if you really need to play catch up or go a bit ahead due to real life commitments, that’s fine too.
[*]Have fun!


Right o’ I’m down :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll start the ball rolling.
feels good to draw again. haven’t done this nearly forever.

I’m thinking of using the theme of “four” in my pics. In this case… four fingers :slight_smile:

Nice one rook! Good to see some work by you again.

I’m definitely gonna try and do as many characters as possible.


Lazy with the hands.

all mine are gonna have to be fast pen drawings that I can do while I’m on the phone at work.

Im going to be tweaking the designs on the characters. Heres Dictator.


the paragraph is supposed to end with “the next.”

Whoops lol.

Also, If I had taken more time I would have liked to make his armor appear to be embossed with designs.

That’s a slick Bison, neoblood. A bit different than we’re used to seeing, but I like it!The armor embossed with designs is a nice idea and you should really carry that out. The text seems a little newspaperish though. I would choose a more decorative font and format the paragraphs to get rid of the hyphens.

BR79: Cool bison man. Pen is one of my fav medium to use.

jz_chu237: Nice rendering. I like the sinister smile.

Rook: Sweet effects! Having a theme makes it more interesting.


Some very slick Bisons guys!

Here’s mine.

Not yet finished.
Probably won’t finish due to being so busy with school and such. :[

I just want to say that even though I don’t draw much or anything, I love checking out these csfac threads! Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for abel week

Man good stuff guys. Here’s my speedy quick draw/paint bison:


Was thinking of doing the alt costumes for each of the characters. Might still happen if I can find decent enough pics for go off of.

Here’s a quickie:

Lots of sick stuff here already. Good stuff, guys.

entire cast (not all HQ, but oh well)

ladies alt costumes

wicked stuff guys. specific comments later.

Ooh, nice! Another Art Challenge!

I’ll try to participate in here if I can find some free time. Nice submissions, everyone. Keep up the keep up!

These posts are sweet! Looks like fun.

I know this is past deadline but figured i’d throw it in here anyway.

Nice clean linework. Is this an illustrator image?

Dreaded Fist = NICE! you have dope ‘brush’ strokes, very painterly. (what ever that means)

i peeped out yer blogspot and you got some good stuff in there… sweet UDON Cammy entry… my lady is all about it also!

Great stuff guys, repped all entries and will rep upcoming ones as well.

Some more SF4 alternate costume screencaps for those interested: