CSFAC Round 3 - Guilty Gear

OK, sorry for the delay everybody. Here we go with Round 3!

The official gallery will be at the same place as Round 2; I’ve just added new galleries for Round 3. Naturally, like round 2, you don’t have to post there if you don’t want to. Most people prefer to participate just by posting here. I usually post to both places, but it’s up to you.

First up is Sol! Consult the photo gallery, or the calendar on the website to see the official order. Have fun!


CSFAC Round 3 (and Round 2) Galleries
Some Guilty Gear Official Art

CSFAC Round 2 Discussion
CSFAC Round 1 Gallery
CSFAC Round 1 Discussion

Thanks for the setup Ron as usual. I’ll draw Chipp and Sol since that’s all the time i got.

I’ll join somehow, despite being busier now than the previous two rounds. Not to mention I’ve another project (supposedly) running and that I’m neither too fond nor familiar with this one. :slight_smile:

fucking right, you know i’m down.

good thing millia and aba are a little early on the list, hopefully i won’t forget about this topic!


i can’t wait to start on some BAAAAADGUY!

HE’S A SAD SOLJA! guitar wail

Horay! Im first!


does Sol include Holy Order Sol or is that separate?

Nice Sol, Neo! Great piece to kick it off.

Zazz: To be perfectly honest, I don’t even know what Holy Order Sol looks like. He’s not on the planned roster, so if you’d rather do him instead of normal Sol, please do! :slight_smile:

He looks like Sol with Ky’s jacket.

i did this version of O.Sol a few months ago.


i’ll do another quickly

Ahh, thanks for loading up the concept art Chain. Helped me the dodge all those screenshots on Google Images. :slight_smile:

Here’s mines


Kando, you just raped my brain with the goodness. I’ve never seen the GG characters in a really brushed paint look so thats one of the biggest reasons I was so excited about this challenge, especially because of your and SFMC’s styles.

Oh and here’s the best gallery for official art (IMO) in case anyone needs more references.


Ron informed me dis was starting up again, so lesse how many weeks I last this time.


Good Sol Neo.


::jaw hits the floor:: holy be-friggin’-jeezis!!!
definitely one one of, if not, THE best rendition of sol-baddie that i’ve ever seen.

dunno why i haven’t posted my stuff here instead of the gallery sites.

oh well, better get a move on. keep up the fantastic work everyone!:bgrin:

the true frightful powers of the first gear.


“You are a gear as well! You have the emblem on your head. The mark on your forehead is proof!” -Justice.

Neoblood, that’s some nice work on a difficult perspective but his left elbow seems to be bent the wrong direction.
Nice color scheme there by Kandoken,
and SFMC, you seem to be getting cleaner and sharper every sketch.


Lookin’ ultra slick, guys. This challenge is starting out quite strong already!

Here’s an ink sketch of Sol and Faust. I probably won’t participate fully, but when I do, I’ll likely do doubles like this to get more of them done in less time.


Good stuff, people :tup: . I’ll post tomorrow.