Crumple After Level 2 Focus

You guys finding that most characters seem to fall faster after a level two focus crumple now? My St.HP seems to whiff a lot after a crumple, regardless of how well timed it is. I’ve seen it happen to other Elfs, too.

Let me know.


It does it to me quite a bit, but ive had it happen in vanilla as well, because im retarded. Youre just not doing it fast enough.

That could be the case, man. I’m not saying I’m perfect; it’s just that I didn’t seem to notice it as much in vanilla as I do now.

Yea sorry, didnt really answer the question. I dont think its any different. I personally havent noticed it, but i could well be wrong. What characters are you talking about exactly? Shoto’s?

It’s okay, I’ve pin-pointed the problem.

It seems that there’s a stage in the crumple animation (particularly on Shotos) just before they fall to their knees where their hitbox changes and it causes high attacks like the St.HP to whiff. However, if you just wait a couple of frames longer, until the opponent is just at their knees, you should be able to combo just fine.

It seems I was doing it too fast. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea i was gonna mention that. Do it faster or do it slower, either works. I generally only delay it against Sim though, since he falls faster than the rest of the cast. The slower method is probably more reliable in general though

I hate that crumple animation. Luckily I land the Fierce most of the time though.

its all timing. i believe its the same as vanilla

here are some matches of me playing i do fa > rsf quite a lot, sometimes too much its become a bad habit.