Crowtournationals #8 Results


  1. Josh Ballard (Balrog, Seth)
  2. Kenta (Balrog)
  3. Ryujin (Ryu)
  4. STD (Bison, Sagat)
  5. Yuske
  6. Crow Winters (Honda, Gouken, Akuma, Abel)
  7. Ayanami (Cammy)
  8. Pachi (Akuma)
  9. ShardZ (C. Viper)
  10. Aaron S (Abel)
  11. MindJames (Ryu)
  12. RioMcFly
  13. Gabe
  14. Killa


  1. Crow Winters (Algol, Maxi)
  2. MoneyMuffins (Sophie)
  3. Ryujin (Kilik)
  4. Josh Ballard (Setsuka, Yoshi)
  5. Ayanami (Hilde)
  6. STD
  7. Killa
  8. Nilakantha
  9. MindJames
  10. Pachi

Awesome tourney guys, was crazy having a good bit more ppl than normal when half the regulars didn’t even show up, not to mention the tourney not even being announced on SRK. :lol: Crowguy was saying the next one will be the week after the DigiOps tourney (3/28 I think?), hope there’s an even bigger turnout!

I pretty much need to pick up a secondary while I work on levelling up my Viper, I <3 the char but that learning curve is killing me. Dunno who yet… but they better have a f’ing fireball. lol

Good shit to Josh Ballard.

GGs everybody, I too was happy with the turnout and I hope you all show up to future tourneys! And Kenta I totally feel you on the Rog mirror. It’s really not much different from half of Blanka’s matchups though. :rofl:

Maybe Midwest can form its own entire BALROG ARMY???

I still honestly want to make Seth my tournament character though. Webster, I actually did real bad with him - lost to tl_crow first round, lost games to other people with him before switching to Rog and winning. I don’t really know what my ground priority is like, I get frustrated when jump back fierce gets beat cleanly by air attacks, and I wasn’t making enough use of reversal teleport (his forward punch teleport seems to give you EX DP a lot of the time). Also had a lot of trouble with the wall jump, as it seems like you’ll always fly right over them unless you do it very low to the ground.

I’m still convinced he has tons of potential, but it’ll be kinda like Dhalsim where he’s not easy so people think he sucks for awhile.

Haha I am using Balrog too Josh.

Balrog army ASSEMBLE!

You are always using with seth right? The hitbox on that thing is massive and makes for some 0_o cross ups. Good stuff winning this!

At least sim doesn’t get dizzied in 1 combo :confused:

Congratulations on the win Josh.

Loving how much Balrog im seeing in the Midwest!
Gigaton Punch
Gigaton Punch

Shardz did you remember to use BARNING?

I’ll probably come out some time, didn’t really know exactly what was going on with these.

yeah there was pretty much a lot of BA- WAIT YOU MADE AN SRK ACCOUNT WTF

Yeah I know haha, first Facebook and now this shit.

Whoa didn’t know you guys play SF4. I knew Josh played but not everyone else.

Lemme know when the next tourney is.

in a week:
crow’s next tourney is supposedly in 2 weeks but he never posted an announcement…