Crouching Tiger jumping Cherry Blossom!

I thought I d change it up a bit with a pink chu li.

peace out!


thats one of the best pieces you’ve done!

thx man

Still working on that thano and urien avitar idea…

I ll keep you posted!

peace out!


You are really a great artist. I really love these kind of pics. A little warped perspective, lots of action going on, pose turns out really well, and also… you’ve drawn one of my favourite head perspectives.:smiley: I give this the best chunli pic in SRK!!!


yokata ne!

peace out!


Yeah, Grapplers pretty good, the only thing I see wrong is…
Where are the blades for her iceskates?:smiley:

Peace out
Super Good

U ass!!! lolololololololololol

peace to my peeps in the street!

Supergood jr!

hee hee hee
It’s a great picture, so are your others :slight_smile:

Great pics, man! :slight_smile: The proportion’s tight, and the coloring’s neat and clean.

Chun Li’s hands are perfect. Keep it up!

oh shit…another great artist on srk,… good drawing man, that pose is too difficult for me to do, anyways welcome to srk, i dunno how long you been here, but i havent checked in srk for along time so …watever, welcome to srk anyways

The pose!!Looks so nice!!!And the colorings!!:eek:

weeeeeee good stuff man! I always pick pink chun-li.

i just noticed something, The way her mouth is opened, we should be able to see some of her top teeth. She look a little “toothless”

Damn you cought me!

before you go patting yourself on the back just yet realise that I lot of artist omit some details because it just doesnt look as good for example in your ryu geting saved by akuma pic,U show the young girl’s eye lashes and you used a rather thick pen to do akumas stubble, I and some others probably would say that that was a bad choice but hey, its all up to the artist I guess.

to much realism in manga type artwork doesnt look good.

heh heh heh. What’s wrong with showing her eyelashes though? I can see the akuma’s stubble problem, but I used a cheap pen to ink so it kinda smear.

yeah ,its hard to find good pens to work with…

peace out!


Excellent pic, Grappler!!! :cool:

U are producing some of the best pics on these boards right now!! Very, very good. Again, excellent work!!!


had to…

Very cool pose:cool: And you incorporated that sparkly effect into it just barely , looks good.

How the hell did this get back to the first page! lol

shit I need to post somthing new! but too many cool ass games keep comin out… No time to draw!

Squad ME 4 life!