Crouching opponents

On the characters that s.hp misses when crouched, what do/should you do after hits? Anything that works pretty often?

OH another st.hp thread!

well whether im getting trolled or not here goes:

First off, you’re at +4 frames.

When you’re at +1 frames in this game, you can do a NORMAL throw and you’ll beat out any non-invincible special (grounded/normal). If they throw, you tech it.

If they jump away, you can usually punish it with a number of things or at least dash forward depending on the situation.

If Chun li does a jump back hard kick (like sakura or vega instant overhead) you can (i think) catch her on her -4 landing frames with ultra. Also you can dash forward and sweep any of these characters since their trip guard is gone, and know that you have a 16 frame dash (one of the fastest in the game) that covers good ground

If you only get one hit, then you can fadc it and dash forward and then hard punch tt

If it’s a character with a teleport , or good backdash that’s hard to punish, you could dash forward immediately (so you would be at most positive frames, while they’re mashing their bdash or teleport after their 4 frames of hitstun ends).
If their bdash is back (like abels/kens) you could (i think) forward dash immediately after your fmk hits and then do a crouching hard punch -> whatever you want

If you want to get advanced, you can do crouching light punch option selects to sweep to stop backdashes (see the option select thread in these forums).

P.S. - it’s funny to see all the fmk threads (since it’s pretty much all we get) but there should be a STICKY for it somewhere, and people’s threads should be deleted and given a PM. This would make room but lol I dont think mods would do that, though I think we could all agree on that…

P.S. - DROP abel or play him for fun, in AE he’s gonna be viable, but weak imo… this from a guy playing vanilla to super with mainly abel. (that’s just my opinion tho bro)

^april fools?

@Ghost I don’t understand why you think Abel will be weak, nothing too significant really changed about him and neither did the matchups. Outside of Yang/Yun what really changed that affects Abel? Honda, Zangief, Guile, Bison, Blanka, Cammy, Rose, all had things changed about them that actually help Abel. Even Adon has normal wake up speed now, so you can actually meaty OS him. Fei got some better normals, Cody and Guy got 3 frame low shorts, and Makoto is actually scary now. Not too much else has a direct impact on Abel IMO.

On Topic: If it hits, you’re at frame advantage so you can basically do whatever you want and it will counter hit people if they press buttons. Against people who can crouch close fierce, I’d try to identify when your step kick counter hits, because then you can do close strong x rekka or straight into low fierce and it’ll connect.

Thanks couldn’t find much on this topic except for a chart. Now we can talk about the more Abel thread appropriate favorite fast food sandwiches.

Edit. Guess I’ll just try random things.

I hope you make the

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