Crouch/Walk Canceling

I get the gist of cc’ing. But not walk canceling.

I was wondering if someone could explain the specifics/intricacies of both.

If you reach a neutral state, the opponent can air recover.

“Landing from a jump”, “starting a jump”, “starting to crouch”, “walking”, and “jumping”, are NOT neutral states.

“Crouching” (completely) and “standing” (completely) ARE neutral states.

You CANNOT go from “landing from a jump” to “walking” or “starting to jump”, without first going through “standing” (neutral state) first.

But you CAN go from “landing from a jump”, to “starting to crouch”, and THEN to “walking” or “starting to jump”. This allows you to bypass “standing” completely. BUT! If you “start to crouch” too long, and enter full “crouching” you WILL enter a neutral state.


“Jumping” -> “landing from a jump” -> “starting to crouch” -> “walking” -> “starting to jump” is a series that does NOT have neutral states.