Crossup Tatsu

Hey Guys.

I’ve started using Akuma and enjoying it a lot. However, i’m having some troubles with certain elements of the crossup Tastu.

Firstly, in the forward throw setup (Double Dash Crossup Tastu) is there a certain version of Tatsu you should be doing ?

Secondly,. I’m having trouble dashing twice and getting the hurricane kick to come out (I either don’t dash twice or i do and a HK not a tastu comes out). Does anyone have any hints on the motion, dashing twice or any other related tips ?

Thirdly, after you get into the Crossup Tatsu Sweep Vortex does it matter which version of the Tatsu you do ?

Thanks Guys !

  • HK air tatsu is the version that’s used the most by Akuma players, I do find the other versions useful when you’re trying to land a cross up tatsu when you’re close to the opponent though (i.e within sweep range and not outside of it).

  • Just mash dashing till you see Akuma doing it twice then hold up, should be pretty easy to get down with practice. As for the air HK not coming out, you’re either inputting the HK button too early or doing the motion very slowly, just make sure to complete the QCB motion quickly then press HK.

  • Cross up tatsu is not Akuma’s vortex, it’s just one of his wakeup mixup options in his arsenal of vortex tools, it doesn’t matter which version you use to land the sweep to “get into the vortex”, it’s just that HK is the one that’s used the most.

Thanks !