crossovers ?

i was just wondering when you knock ur opponent down and u decide to cross over by dashing to the other side, whats do u do next?

Ive tried down sweeping into launch but it only works about 5 percent of the time most of the ppl i encounter just grab me, is there anything you can do when u do this cross over or is it completely useless against pros ?

Sweeping into launch is scrubby any ways. Lot of newer players like to use that cuz it’s a flashy combo that starts from a sweep and all dat but nah. Smart players will parry it down and some characters can reverse that chain after blocking (especially if you do it right next to them). Like u said…the sweep takes a while to start up so you’re free to get thrown any ways. It can work but you really have to be putting pressure on the opponent to catch them not low blocking on the wake up.

That cross up working about 5 percent of the time sounds right. It’s not something you should abuse because honestly the dash cross up is not very safe. There’s actually quite a few frames during the move where she can get hit and Ibuki takes 25 percent extra damage if she is hit while in the dash. Like the Ken player can just mash on c.MP during your dashes and if you mistime the dash he can just look for the c.MP to hit and confirm into super. Like I said…the dash is not as fast as it looks. There’s a bit of time during the dash where you can get hit or thrown out of it. You want to make sure you have completed the dash before the opponent gets up.

If you use it only like once or twice during the fight it is more effective. Mainly because the opponent is less likely to be looking for it. If you’re trying to use it as your main mix up after a knockdown you’ll be dissapointed against better players.

The best moves to use after the cross up are s.MK or a hcb+P command grab. s.MK mainly because it’s quick and hits the opponent if they are standing or crouching. It also is her best poke for going into combos. Such as s.MK to qcb+MK, s.MK to hcb+HP or s.MK to EX qcb+K (some characters can duck the last one). hcb+HP is good by itself because people will tend to option parry right before they wake up and you can catch them with this while they aren’t blocking. Regular throws will still beat this though so use it sparingly.

To be honest…sometimes it’s better to just wait for the opponent to do something first. If you use it after you’ve been pressuring the opponent for a while they’ll be dying to throw a shoryuken, throw u etc. Watch for them to whiff and punish.

i was always wondering what the timing was for this combo, i tried doing it right after the s.MK and waited till the s.MK was done then did the hcb+P but nothing came out i can do it about 70 percent with the s.LK though

It’s not that difficult…you just have to buffer it in. You can do it as soon as the s.MK hits. Just practice it up in training mode till u get a feel for it. Even if you have to practice every day. It’s worth it. It’s pretty much the most important combo you have.

which Dash do you mean that takes damage? the Down forward K or forward forward?

wat DJ said, MK to HCB P. dont get too close, most likely they will throw when they get up. try to act like you will throw and back up and see what they do then attack, probably with Down Back K, because of the range.

with SA I, once u dash across, right when they get up do SA I LP or MP, whatever they do will probably get stuffed by it, not likely with shoryuken tho, unless u get them before it can take effect.

With SA II, dash across, when they get up jump straight up, if they throw, land then SA II point blank range. In the air, parry tho, incase they try to anti air. Whatever move they do while ur in the air that has them in suspended animation, use SA II point blank. SA II is murder against a player who is stuck in a move’s animation

SA III, dash across, when they get up, jump straight up, if they throw, do j.HP to SA III. Or while they gettin up forward MK to SA III. Or move back alittle and just SA III. dont forget to air parry here too for anti airs.

In either case, you can also come down and throw. Dont throw when they just gettin up, it requires perfect time and they have more priority and most likely end up throwing u instead.

Forward forward.

It’s also useful to set up tick situations like dash though them, c.LK walk up throw or c.LK, s.MK to hcb+HP or qcb+MK/EX qcb+K.