Crossing up with DF dive kick

Any body have some setups that involve the dive kick crossing up? Just trying to improve my gouken and learn some reliable setups. I don’t know how viable it is but I’ve been trying to cross up in the corner after landing a forward throw. Worked a few times and now I’m just trying to learn the timing.

IIRC, left corner can always cross up, right corner never will. Shits weird.

I messed with this a bit in training. I realized that a lot of the things I thought were cool or tricky with Gouken don’t work when put into practice.

I.E. When you take control of the dummy and block it yourself all the stuff you thought was tricky is easy as hell to block.

For example, hitting at a certain height will cause you to come down in front or cross up your opponent. When you take control of the dummy you can always block this as a crossup, regardless of the fact that you come down in front, or something like that. There is no trickery.

If you demon flip someone in the corner on their wake up, if they block cross up they will actually walk forward a bit and you will whiff and get thrown.

EX tatsu when it crosses up is autoblocked. I.E. if the first hit is in front and then you go behind and hit it will maintain the block even if you are blocking the wrong way.

If someone knows a way to stop this from happening I’d love to be proven wrong.

Remember, you need to be controlling the character being attacked by Gouken. Just having the opponent stand there doesn’t help.

After spending some more time with my setup, it looks to have some potential…but it does have its limits. Heres what I came up with.

  • it is character specific!
  • whiffs completely on characters it doesn’t work with (holding forward or backwards)
  • doesn’t whiff on crouchers though
  • The crossup works on both corners
  • for characters it does work on, they do not walk forward if they block it correctly.
  • appears to be safe on block, -1 possibly
  • If you mistime it, it hits from the front and you will land behind them

Haven’t test the entire cast but it works on gouken, bison and fei. It also hits from the front for the larger characters.

The timing is rather strict but with some practice ive been getting it more consistenty.

If only the df dive kick hit box was a little bigger to allow for easier cross up dive kicks. Most characters can just crouch or walk forward to make the dive kick whiff.

From what I noticed, if it’s timed right, no character can crouch against the dive kick to make it whif. With the characters I listed above (Gouken, Bison, Fei) it will crossup if they’re crouching as well.

Even though it is very tough to time, the dive kick is very safe. Gouken is able to block a reversal super from Ryu if the dive kick is blocked. If ryu tries to wake up dp after the throw, it will go right past gouken and you can punish with whatever you like.

The way I try to set it up is after a forward throw in the corner, you dash in once, and then do a delayed light demon flip. If you did it too early, it’ll whiff. If you did it too late, you’ll hit from the front. Another possible scenario is hitting from the front and landing in the corner, which I think means you’re a couple of frames late on the timing.

I’ll work on it tonight again and I’ll try it against every character.

Forward throw -> move forward for 30 frames~ -> HK DF -> Pressing kick as late as possible = Cross up dive kick that will completely stuff or make whiff (does not trade) nearly all reversal SRK / anti-air special.

It is character specific, but yes. You can stuff/make whiff all reversal SRK and non-reveral except Akuma’s EX and Ken’s MP Srk. Those two are incredibly difficult, but still possible to make them whiff. Go test it out in the lap

Yeah, but I usually do light DF which has the same results as you. When I was testing it, I think ken’s MP srk went past gouken. I’ve only went through about the half the cast but I noticed that Dudley’s ex dp and all of seth’s dp except light will hit gouken with reversal timing. It may vary based on the strength of the demon flip.

I’ll test out some more scenarios when I can.

How exactly does a lk.DF have the same result as mine? Do you mean after a sweep?

30 frames ? i didnt know that…i always just use dash forward x2 then rh gflip with late pressing of kick, and depending on where they are in their wakeup or how big they are and where you come down on them with kick shit is the most solid of his tools …i love it

Two dashes? I only use 1… You don’t sail past?

oops my bad i was thinking after U1.
after forwad throw i was thinking of fdashx2 then jmk for crossup or ambigious depending on where you are whn you choose to press kick