Crosscounter Aerial Cancelled Supers with Phoenix

If you guys haven’t already seen it on the front page, it’s this:

Essentially, you can cross/alpha counter out of blockstun and cancel their coming in assist with an air super. This means you can crosscounter in Sentinel and abuse his Harddrive’s invincibility while your opponent’s burning their super or etc., as shown in the video. However, this makes snapping in Phoenix much less appealing.

You might either find it very underwhelming or you might scream Sent imbalance, but this makes keeping Phoenix alive much easier. The best way to kill Phoenix right now is to snap her in before she has 5 meters, but if you have Sentinel on point and he gets snapped into Phoenix, if your phoenix was in your 2nd slot (I know, a bit of a risk), you can get out of blockstun and hit them with an unprorated Harddrive with this. I guess this is pretty obvious, but this means another safe way to get phoenix out AND get almost guaranteed damage.

It might seem unappealing to burn 2 meters with Phoenix on your team, but switching in a character at the cost of 1 meter is paid back by their snap back, and if they eat the hard drive, it’s a whole unprorated super, paying back the other meter. Saving phoenix and getting free momentum while making your opponent scared to chip out phoenix? priceless.

edit: if you don’t like putting phoenix in your second slot and put doom 2nd and phoenix 3rd, it also works pretty well with Doom’s aerial Happy Hands?

This isn’t MvC2. It doesn’t matter what slot Jean or Sentinel are in. You can choose which assist you want to Crossover Counter with.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

Didn’t know you could hyper cancel off of them. Or that you could cancel it to an air hyper before you hit the ground. So theoretically, you could CCHC into a DPh Phoenix Inferno? Yes, please. Burn into flames, bitches!

There is a time-out on tagging and assists (and I can’t see it not also applying to cross-counters) for the defending player if a character of theirs has been snapped in, which is what makes Phoenix feel even more exposed when this happens.

Stops you just doing a raw tag straight back out and just taking damage with a point man or whatever. So yeah, this is more of an “OMG, Sent is cheap” issue.

I really don’t think this helps phoenix. If anything, it’s the biggest Phoenix killer. Any and all blockstrings are now safe crossover counter hyper ultras. ANY AND ALL BLOCKSTRINGS.