Cross-counter, Pure Fun

Sure, you may take a little damage, but give cross-counter a chance and you can have some real fun. Great anti-air as almost all physical air attacks get countered by it, alot of supers as well (Chun Li’s SA2 included). Not a top-tier spell, but great fun nonetheless.

Discuss :slight_smile:

i actually rely on cc’s in moderation wen playing other dudleys, especially yellows4 lol

if used properly you can almost predict wen attacks will be coming high or low.

it also makes the other guy look like a douchebag… thats why i love using it.

Same, it van be sort of a psychological weapon. Roll the dice using it when you’re both on the ground, and if it hits the oponent will be ni a state of “wtf?” the rest of the match, lol :slight_smile:

Also, both CC and EX CC can be used to knock people into corners for corner rapin :o

Yeah, no one ever really uses it but…it comes in handy once in a while since Dudley otherwise is more of an offensive character. Catches people off guard when they think it’s ok to go on the offensive. Dudley’s offensive options are way too strong to warrant using it much. Especially against characters like Chun Li who will just c.MK you out of it.

excc the cc. :wonder:

cross counter is good against stuff that’s hard to parry as it hits after the first contact, but meh just parry and use the bar for a ex mgb juggle.

i don’t think it’s really a mind fuck, it makes your opp think your scrubby maybe, that can be an advantage if your actually solid lol.

but why make a thread about this, post in the complete thread for god’s sake, well nm don’t post this in there.

It’s dudleys funnest and least used move, CC awareness I guess :o

And yes, it is kind of a mindfuck in the same way you train your oponent to crouch on wakeup to avoid a crouching roundhouse. If people think you’ll be cross-countering they’ll be much less likely to come at you from the air, and if they do they’ll likely do an empty jump to low attack.

This allows you to shape your oponents play :o

Also, alot of people simply never see the move. If I saw an Ibuki bust out with alot of b.rdp’s it would really throw me off. Not a good move, but very under-used, stuff like this plays on the psychology of the game.

Cross Counter is ok in some situations I think, you have to use it very sparingly but I can think of a few uses I have seen some people do. They are all high risk, but sometimes they can pay off:

  1. If a Ken player looks like they are going to try the trick of whiff UOH, EX Shoryu or similar, do an EX CC and you will win the trade. This is not such a bad option IMO because its tough to parry on reaction the EX Shoryu. Plus this puts the opponent in the corner and relieves the pressure.

  2. If during the match you have been doing whiff UOH into throw yourself a few times, they might EX Shoryu or similar to you after the whiff, so again use an EX CC to win the trade.

  3. If Yun is not close to you and activates Genei Jin. If you can time it right you can EX CC to good advantage. There are other options, but it’s not such a bad one if you feel like taking a risk.

  4. You score a knockdown mid-screen and throw the rose. As the rose is hitting them from far away, mk or roundhouse ducking straight. Sometimes an opponent will try to hit you straight afterwards with a high priority move, so again EX CC could be good. I have to say that personally I would just option select parry, block or Short Swing Blow, but I have seen it done.

  5. If Urien is preparing to tackle into you with Aegis stocked, CC to beat it out. Parrying is a better option in my opinion, but again it can work in your favour.

  6. As an anti-air attack.

Really I only ever use the first three, if ever. Even then I use them really rarely, maybe once every 10 rounds, but sometimes they can work out ok and they do seem to psychologically effect the opponent.

excc cc the Makoto exaxekick shit & last hit of her sa2
excc the end of chun’s sa2
excc Q’s sa2. :slight_smile:

axekick cc beasting!

kalypso im heading down to florida for reading week… lets 3s haha

Haha sure, if you come to tallahassee a large group of us play in Tallahassee Community College’s Student Union. TCC is pretty easy to find and there’s signs everywhere on campus, follow em to the student union from ~11-4 and there’ll be people in there on the big screen tv playin 3s :slight_smile:

Also, I won a match vs one of the best 3s players today with, you guessed it, cross counter. Non-ex fierce version, vs ken :slight_smile:

Try to jump in again, lawl.

i remeber when iu was first starting in 3s before i realized i could juggle with dudley, cc was my main thing, i got so good at it i know when people were goin to do shit id win matches just doing that it was great, but after i learned to juggles… i kinda stopped using it :sad:

I can juggle, but cross-countering is funner. And it’s by no means my entire game with dudley, it happens once a match and everyone makes a big deal about it because it’s such a funny move, hehe.

I know I’ve done it just to slow down matches. When I’ve gotten rushed down bigtime, it gives you a second or two to think about whats going on. Usually, it’s just a trash move, but I agree with most of those situations above.

Do you have to parry chuns kicks to get excc off in time?

And i love exccing makotos last hit.

Half life ftw.

I’m pretty sure you can cross-counter the first hit, but what he’s saying is that you would normally block it, you can release the block and EXCC in the space before the last hit pretty easily with practice.

You don’t have to parry Chun’s sa2 to get a CC in. Sometimes if you CC the first hit, she’ll go through you.