Cross Counter Interview with Kim1234

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His modesty probably precludes his posting this but figured you all might enjoy.

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Arturo on blast


Actually, I appreciate you throwing that out into the wild. I’m so tired of all these people making AE sound like the worst balanced fighting game in history. Good shit. Reverse the flow of pessimism in America. Cuz America still hasn’t unlocked Yun and Yang yet.


Kim, I have a question for you. Do you feel like if you’d devoted your time and effort to a different character, you’d generally be placing higher in tournaments and more successful overall? Have you stuck with Bison for strategic reasons, or was it a simple matter of preference?

Good question, I base picking bison off my play style. I Like balanced characters who poke from outside throw range. I know there’s things only I can excel at with bison and it motivates me. If I were to pick a character other then bison, since id picking based on my strengths, I’d choose yang

I do just fine in tournaments, can’t base growth based on Japanese tournaments.

Tiers don’t matter to me, just staying faithful to how I wanna play

You feel me

Really? Based off that I would have thought Chun or Vega since those two are even better than Bison at the poke game.

If I pick vega or chun, i lose the opportunity to make constant dick innuendoes

No way bro

lol a good point.

Not sure if anyone noticed, but this was taken down…

I noticed LOL. Was gonna watch it just to see old CVS2 man say sum stuffz about SF. Oh wellz. I’ll check to see if it comes back up.

AE is still better balanced than a lot of other fighting games but I just didn’t like the way the tiers were going with these dive kicking fools running up the game. I hate dive kicks in any game outside of 3S because I think the concept of dive kicks that you can’t parry is just stupid and don’t even feel like dealing with. In Marvel you can easily dash behind them or just XF guard cancel quite a few of them and kill them off. In 3S they even hit overhead but you can parry them so yeah. I already hated fighting Rufus and I’d definitely rather fight Bipson’s beast footsies than more dive kicks you have to sit and watch all day unless your character has specific footsies against it or DP FADC damage.

I’ll see what AE 2012 does for the game. I find the game really boring so I probably won’t play it either way but I’ll probably play it more if they up the walk speed more and buff footsies all around. Characters need better walk and normals in this game in general. Too many characters that are based around gimmicks but can’t really force their spacing like the old games.

It’s good to see Bipson stay a solid choice which is pretty obvious since he has good walk and good buttons. He doesn’t really get the tricks and damage output of other character types but it’s SF so it’s more important to control your space overall. More characters need buttons that actually matter and ways to close the gap that aren’t based on dive kick and command dash gimmicks.

Got taken down cause of the Prodigy song in the CC trailer


[quote="DevilJin 01, post: 5990527"Too many characters that are based around gimmicks but can’t really force their spacing like the old games.


when u say gimmcks and u really mean 50/50s or dumbing down combat to a glorified gussing game (like amigious stuff, 50/50s, wakeup guessing ect
) then yeah totally agree with

Yeah, I follow. Your answer makes sense to me. I wonder sometimes, whether Bison’s failure to win a tournament is a limitation of the character itself. You guys may have heard of the IBM’s Deep Blue, an artificially intelligent computer that beat chess Champion Gary Kasparov years ago. I wonder if you took two such computers one playing Bison and one playing SSF4 AE’s highest “top tier” character, what the outcome would be. No mistakes, perfect reads, perfect execution, etc. Does such a scenario (all characters in a totally pure environment) do away with the concept of tier lists altogether? Do they all end in draws?

It seems to me that matchups in SSF4, revolve not so much around the individual strengths and weaknesses of the characters directly, but on the burden placed on the players. Therefore, a player using a character lower on the tier list, has a 20 lb weight around their neck: more skill is required to stay even.

I think it’s reasonable to say that in all matches, the player who wins (or is it logical to believe that a player could lose a match without doing anything wrong?) commits fewer errors. The question is, do some characters force more errors upon players than others?

Also, when you lose a match do you make a distinction between matches you lost as a result of using Bison, and those YOU yourself lost? Or do you consider all yours losses to be your fault, and not due to Bison’s limitations? And which conclusion is the more common of the two?


Fei is probably the only footsie-oriented character, not relying on gimmicks, that will still be getting consistent results in 2012. It’s funny too, because Bison’s gameplan is very similar to Fei’s; the latter is just better at holding his ground and trades escape options for much better damage and mix-ups.