Cronus Device: hardware problem

I’ve used this: for 1/2 year but it recently got damaged. What I did wrong was using it on a console that lays horizontally, the weight of the usb cable was pushing it down more and more and now the contacts must’ve got damaged.
In fact it doesn’t get recognized anymore, the spy doesn’t turn on. It can work but I have to plug it and incline its physical part but can’t be a permanent solution, it’s actually getting worse day by day

Is it possible to open and repair it? Has anyone already done it, does anyone know how to do it?

Thanks in advance

It sounds really damaged. I don’t think you can repair contacts that easily .

If you can open it you can check for any solders needed to be fixed.
If it didn’t suffer any major physical damage I think it’s fixable.

The main problem is how to open it.
Anyone here does know how to do?

pry it open with a screw driver =(

yeah, it would work…if it had screws -.-

Btw I found out you can open the case, in the two shells, simply with a opener tool, even with your fingernails.
Imo if it needs to be forced in some position to work it means it has a very good chance it’s about the USB solders.
Try to redo the joints of the USB connector on the pcb ad see if it works.
Solderig those joints is really easy.