Critique my Ibuki

Two videos of me playing casually. What am I doing well, what can I do to improve?

Ok I’ll give you an analysis of each match, and point out things you are doing.

Match #1 Round #1:
[**0:15] ** The first few seconds of the match were spent idling and waiting for each other to make a mistake. You made the mistake by super jumping in after doing that. The fact that Seth was crouching the entire time means that he was already expecting you to be in the air. If you want to start with a super jump, do it immediately when the match starts to catch your opponent off guard. The most he could have gotten from that would be a simple anti-air, air-to-air trade, or cleanly beaten by your jump-in. Since you waited for him to do something, he got a juggle combo for almost max damage (if he didn’t miss the divekick) and potential for his okizeme.

[0:30] (minor) Instead of using a after TC10, you can opt for a j.HP or j.MK for more range and hitstun. If you’re feeling good, you can also use j.LP for low hitstun and grab after you land.

[0:38] You missed the kunai because of nerves I’m guessing? If you want to get your meaty kunai timing down, spend some time in training mode and try to do a meaty kunai after every knockdown such as Neckbreaker, Kazegiri, Tsumuji, etc. Also, if you are nervous, just make sure you’re having fun. I get extremely nervous and shaky when I’m not having fun and I’m playing to win.

[0:43] Not necessary to ultra, but it was an understandable choice. It would have been better to use a normal and buffer that into a special move. He was just pressing random buttons.

[0:50] Be careful to not let that lvl.3 focus attack rip. If they’re in the air, I tell myself to just opt for a backdash and if I think I can do some damage, I forward dash.

Round #2: You just did way too many random neckbreakers, but you caught him in the end.

Round #3: Still too many random neckbreakers. It’s an extremely unsafe move if it doesn’t hit. Use tsumuji more if you want a safer knockdown alternative. Also when they’re in the corner, there’s no reason to jump away. Ibuki has the tools to keep someone in the corner for a very, very long time.

Analysis: Your strategy was too aggressive versus Seth. Both Ibuki and Seth have low HP, but their very strong mixup game makes up for it. You want to capitalize on the Seth’s mistakes instead of making mistakes yourself. You made some good decisions and some bad ones, but you’ll learn.

Match #2 Round #1:
[0:30] Dhalsim jumped at you 3 times without you doing anything. You could have done an anti-air/juggle combo or even an air throw. He was pressing his j.MK which is a pretty useless button for Dhalsim.

[1:16] Two HK command dashes is really unsafe especially because you had a pause in the middle. Also after a back throw, a safe alternative would be LK command dash or regular dash into super jump LK. Free crossup if they’re not expecting the setup.

[1:42] You used the wrong jump for the safe jump setup.
For a MK command dash, you just do a regular jump in for a safe jump.
For a LK command dash, you do a super jump for a safe jump (unblockable on Seth and Sagat).

[1:53] Dhalsim’s fireballs are extremely slow and he has a monstrous recovery. Even if you couldn’t react with EX Neckbreaker, you could possibly just EX Neckbreaker under the fireball as it gets closer to you.

Round #2: You just completely wrecked him. No analysis needed.

Analysis: You pretty much just need to work on your reactions and muscle memory. Also lots of combo training in training mode to enhance your execution.

Overall, you just need to work on your decisions and execution. Ibuki is definitely a good character, but she is easy to use and difficult to master. I’d suggest taking a look at videos of players like F-Word, Sako, ClakeyD, etc. (Sorry I don’t remember all the professional Ibuki players)

Don’t rely too much on your neckbreaker. You rarely see high level Ibuki players use neckbreaker more than 1-3 times in a match. It is a high risk high reward type of move. Work on your solid ground game with pokes such as b.MK, far st.HP xx st.HP, cr.MP etc.