Critique my guile. (in matches)

well i finally got ahold of some footage for our last season tournament and i wanted to know what was i doing wrong (even if i was winning.) here are some of the matches i had when playing with guile.

me vs. josh ballard

me vs josh ballard match 2

me vs boxer 1

me vs boxer 2

Well the first thing wrong was the camera position…:xeye:

But seriously, folks…

The most obvious things to me were:
A)Seth’s blocked Super should have been EX FK’d; you went for an overhead
B)Also when Rog does his dashing overhead, even on hit (especially on hit), EX FK

The rest of the guys here can tell you much more but your most basic instinct as Guile should be to punish everything you can with an EX FK at the very least.

You really need to practice blocking. It seems everytime you got knocked down with Seth he got a free jump in combo off you, not sure what you were trying to do on wake up but it wasn’t working and you kept on trying it.

You are also way too happy, you only paid the price for it once, but its only a matter of time before you play someone who will be able to punish each blocked and punish heavily.

I would work on those two things first, primarily the blocking, before I worry about the other stuff.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but don’t use his sweep so much, most players will either absorb the second hit with a focus attack and punish you with their combo of choice, or shoryuken through it a potentially punish you with an ultra.

Work on blocking cross-ups,
crucial for guile players as you really have no other answer other than a wakeup ultra (which never hits for full damage and is kind of a last ditch move)

When Seth gets his revenge gauge full jumping over his fireballs or throwing ex booms will get you ultra’d like in your second match

…but you can also bait the ultra with a LP sonic boom as you did in the first match which will empty their revenge gauge if they don’t have excellent reaction time

In the match vs Boxer standing HP beats all of his non-ex rush punches clean,
it also has great long range anti-air properties, it can even be used as a poke
use it more

try to implement your ultra

and of course
keep it up

Holding your down-back charge too much - It’s something I’m guilty of too. I think out of all 4 videos, there was only one time that you blocked high. But yea, definitely the blocking as being the biggest issue here. A lot of damage taken that you could’ve blocked (Seth’s jumping arms, Boxer’s swing punch).

Edit: it takes guts to post videos of losses, esp. bad ones. Kudos for that… often times it’s hard to see what parts of your game needs improvement without the help of others.

in one of the boxer matches he had you in the corner and he did an EX Headbutt that you blocked while holding a down/back charge…i wouldve done my ultra right then and it woulda got him clean if you had done it quick enough. Ive gotten them in the ultra off of that a lot of times.

I noticed you were backing yourself into the corner a lot even at the beginning of the match… that’s not a particularly good thing with Guile (or anyone for that matter). I assume you are able to do SBs on the spot? (i.e. db, f, db + p)

Thing with Guile is that you have lots of tools to push them back (,, s.fp). I saw that you did the a lot, but none connecting. Might try a (lunge kick) a try and s.fp some more.

Mmm… yeah, I think it’s spacing and cornering yourself that’s messing up your game. I’m still learning to space myself too! =P

Oh yes, I noticed in the first Seth fight, you did some You can link into sb for some 2in1 chip damage.

yea i pretty much do back myself in the corner and i always try not to do the cr hk but i end up doing it alot.

i dont know i think its because i was in a tournament and i was nervous…as always…but thanks for the advice…i’ll work on these when i goto this tourney tomorrow…

In the Seth match his wall jump ins were hardly punished with one exception the air suplex you got him with(very nice by the way.)

A situation with wall jump in I try a lvl.2 focus and combo up or set for an ultra.

Work with lvl.2 focus man its can be Guiles best friend in certain situations.

In the Seth match his wall jump ins were hardly punished with one exception the air suplex you got him with(very nice by the way.)

A situation with wall jump in I try a lvl.2 focus and combo up or set for an ultra.

Work with lvl.2 focus man its can be Guiles best friend in certain situations.

IMO…you have to be more aggressive to plant a seed in the match…people are already going to expect that you are going to play a “turtle” game with Guile…with the boxer match…i noticed that when you put him down…you didnt press an attack on him (cross up or get in his face) to bait him for a HB or a Throw…you need something to play with his mind because Boxer’s in general can be aggressive and just keep pounding on your playing too much defense…

plain and simple…be more aggressive…

I think most of the bases have been properly covered already, but one that I noticed big time at the beginning of the first round of the second match with Seth.

You had Seth playing your game. You trapped him with booms and good anti air. If you would have kept that up he would have taken more damage before moving to a different game plan. Instead you broke away from your winning strategy and moved right into his game plan where he just mopped the floor with you.

I’ve made that mistake several times, but there’s a few characters that you need to make sure don’t get into their groove and that’s Abel, Seth and Gief.

well here’s one of the matches i had at my past tourney.


Still a lot of sweeps but you know what, I do it too in cases like this where the guy just isn’t very good and doesn’t know he can punish you for it. Often I’ll test the sweep at the beginning and see how they react. I swear, some people don’t even realize there are two hits. Nice use of target combo and MP(!) as AA.

not bad footsies
play any 3rd strike?

Nope I never really started playing that game until this year.