Critique my gameplay (SFV)

Hello SRK.
I’m a Platinum player in SFV and I have been fluctuating between Super Platinum and Platinum for maybe a year now. I refuse to accept that this is my skill cap forever. I’ve now come to the conclusion that I will need outside help.

I’m looking for someone (a Diamond player hopefully) to play me in a few games and give me advice. I will also post the fight video here if it opens the door for other opinions on my play style as well.

Thank you.

I’ll help! I’m a Master rank Karin/Juri. I respect anyone’s genuine desire to take in advice and improve. We can play tomorrow, if you’ll be around. Are you on Discord or Twitter?

Awesome! I’m excited! I can do tomorrow.
I’m neither on Discord nor Twitter.

Why do you ask?

Cool. Just asking because it’s easier to coordinate through real-time messages on those platforms. What’s your CFN? And where are you located?

Both my CFN and Playstation ID are the same.

I reside in Texas.
Are you on PC?

Oh – I can just message you on PSN when we play. With the mobile app, it’s quite quick.

I’m in Massachusetts and play on PlayStation.

Awesome. I’ll be looking for you tomorrow buddy.

Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree: