Criticize My first ever Joystick artwork

This is what I have worked out. Nothing fancy. Just some nice background and throw in some random texts and character render. Do you guys think anything that should be changed for improvement? What’s missing and what’s should be taken out?

Thx :lovin:

My own personal opinion is that the background seems out of place when compared to the character.

you could add a shadow to help merge Anji and the background together.

or is it the character looks out of place from the background :wink:

no seriously, i quite like it. can you send me that background please :wonder:

Thx for the critiques, I will fix it up and repost the artwork.

The Furious One// I will post the background with my artwork next time. Right now, I’m kinda busy with school so @_@

I agree with what has already been said. I think the character really stands out from the background too much. Work on the blending or find something else. Keep at it though :tup:

hmmm, adding more shadows…maybe blurring the character will do something? Maybe color is the problem…I will try and see how it goes tonight.

The background looks too complex/detailed for the character art. I’d also scale the tones in the BG closer to pink. Up to you, though. I like the concept-- reminds me of that autumn scene from Hero.

I can just take that character out or replace with some other renders but I really want to stick with that character since I play Anji. Too bad there aren’t that many fanarts or official images of him(or for that matter, any GG characters).

It’s fine. A simple portrait works well with the ‘complex background’. The contrast is a good thing. Take psychosquall’s suggestion in adding a drop shadow to Anji to help it stand out more. I’d also say you should add something to the text on the right, change it to white with a blackoutline, play around, just make it stand out more.


oh man…I was screwing around with photoshop and came up with this -_-;; I think it’s pretty cool but what do you guys think?

And this is the back ground I used:

outlines…and bigger text

Bigger/2 px outlined text version. That looks much better. I never worked with an artwork as big as this so I’m kinda sketch how big things should be. Thx for your inputs.

That is really going to look interesting with this box.

And these parts.

If anyone has any other suggestions that is what he is working with.


I’d personally say give the background a posterized effect, so it doesn’t look like a cartoon character with a picture of trees in the background.

The background is really nice, but if you can blend it with postarize or giving it a comic-y kind of feel, it’d look nicer.

This is what your stick would look like posterized: (Sorry, I wanted to show you what Anji looks like with that background)

And here’s the background by itself.

Notice how it looks better than the first one, kind of. It doesn’t look as if you just pasted Anji. The character and the background flow together. You didn’t post Anji’s photo so I just kept the first stickart you had and posterized.

^Hey, that’s a nice look. :tup:

And decided to roll with Anji eh Chomite? I like this one alot better than the previous.

Wow. Thx for that posterization technique! I knew that it existed but I could never figure out where to use that function.

I changed that background color slightly more pinkish, posterized. And also changed the anji’s color to purple to match with the whole color scheme. I blured the outline of the anji to help him fit I’m not too sure about what to do with the text. Do you guys think it’s ok to leave like this or should I outline or change the color.

Sasmasta// Well, Anji is my main character in GG @_@/ Gotta show my love for my main character.

Looks way better, Chomite. I’m glad you liked my posterization.

Just change it to how you want it to look. I just suggested it, but I’m sure you can do way better.

just make the text stand out more, like with maybe black&white outline I think

otherwise, very nice

Now we’re talking Chromite. That background looks like it belongs with the character. You may want to adjust the placement of things a bit. The joystick dust cover is larger than the hole, 30mm I believe.