Critic My Poison Match Video Thread

All Poison match video thread. Here you can post all poison matches here and ask for feed back for your matches.

(Take note the videos above are not of the current console build which will be June, 3rd, 2014.) (Below this post will have all nico videos.)

Nico Nico video matches

So is it free game to post up our matches in this now? Cause I’ve must have played Hundreds and have discovered some nice mixup stuffs.

You can post whatever you want. Im still trying to post videos but idk how this device thing works.

It walks you through the process.

Select the video.
Then press upload to YouTube.
Then open your browser to
Then input the code displayed on your console in the browser page.
It will begin to upload after replaying the match
Afterwards wait up to 5 minutes for the video to be posted on you channel.

When you click upload to Youtube is give you a captcha code in. Log into Youtube then put the link they give you in. It will Verify when you put the code in.

I didnt make the channel lol but now i did.

HDJammerz posted up a quick few matches already.

I’m so noob.

Gotta love that U2 damage though!

I’ve been waitin all my life fer…

So any advice?

SO I played for like 6 hours straight hit number 3 Poison on PSN then started playing with my high level local scene, This character fits my style well. But I expected that because she was all I played in SFxTK. ( lol)
I have a ton more I need to upload sometime soon.

@Genistar‌ You do know that after EX whip you can jump cancel and set up resets before they touch the ground right? I saw you do the EX a few times and do nothing afterwards.

( ^ This match was a special one, I beat the guy before then messaged me asking for retribution.)

On my account, I will be posting combos, tech and everything very very soon. My account is pretty much going to be dedicated poison. I’ll also do matchup vids for every character. Like I did for Juri long time ago.

I’m at the 12th place position for Poison lol.

Edit: Please ignore post

I’ll put all my matches so far with Poison here for critique especially for the matches that I lost.

Here’s an hour or so of me playing against my friend, the first couple of matches are rough as it’s the first time i’ve played her ever.

Seeing as how the Youtube upload quality looks below subpar to the common stuff I see, I won’t upload unless I really want critique/until I get my capture device, but on a different note. I’m liking Poison a lot. Idk if it’s a set up or people just don’t block low, but if you hit the opponent in the air with j. RH, as soon as you land if you cr. Mk them into whatever, it works everytime. Idk how I would test this to see if it’s just them not blocking or it just happens, but I haven’t missed it yet. Also, if you space her ex. Edge right, you can combo with cr. Mk into whatever as well. here is one of my xbox live ranked matches Ill be uploading a bunch more soon

Well my local arcade is having another Ultra tourney.

Well be streaming tonight. I pkay alot with Hornett, Derrick Legend, and a bunch if those guy so we have super good comp.

Were live now.