Crimson V // Hyper real C.Viper

My hyper real version of Viper

wow, that looks really good!

thanks buddy

She’s got TWO BOOBS!

I think the ponytail is disproportional to the rest of her, way too large / thick.

Also please do Juri~

hair was the hardest to draw and manipulate
but trust me its way better then the first attempt

ohh…you know all the sexy ladies, huh? omfg…hot…

Wow that’s amazing. Keep it up!
(coughJuri soon please cough)

Juri hmm i will try
thank you guys so much

what type of program do you use?

Just photoshop

This. still phenomenal work, though.

And yes, JURIIIIIIII. :smiley:

dont worry she is on her way :smiley: