Criminal Upper xx Dead End Irony

Ok, noob question here.

Can’t get criminal upper to cancel into super because the timings appear to be much tighter than most other cancels. Are there any tricks to helping with this? Is it at all possible to plink it or buffer it or something?

Thanks for any reply’s :rock:


P.S. sorry for creating a new thread but there aren’t any Q&A sticky’s going for Cody, could someone fix this?

It has to be cancelled on Cody’s initial hit of his fist, before the tornado animation comes out. Since Upper is qcb, and Super is qcf, you don’t have the special’s motion to help with the super, so really, you just have to be quicker with your hands.

But isn’t it possible to buffer it? Like by doing a qcf beforehand or something…

Also, just do CU and then QCFx2+K really fast. make sure to do it before the tornado comes out.