Creating a fighting game with gamemaker

I’ll draw my own frames and code the hit detection engine. I’ll have said game LAN enabled later on.But first I need to know what I should do and shouldn’t do from a fighting game design stand point. There will be updates on characters that are unbalenced or overbalenced based on high level play. There will be a seeding system to separate the novices from high level play. I still need to find out how to keep out hackers and shadowmodders.

What are some design aspects as far as fighting games go are bland,useless, or counterproductive?

What are some design aspects in fighting games that are innovative,practical at high level play, and fun?

Hmm…Dan_The Man has a plan. But on a serious note, having somthing like limb damage (is that even possible in gamemaker) is somethng innovatie. Goodluck.

Off topic: What ever happened to the fighting game some of the posters were working on?

Good luck. Game Maker is good for a lot of things, but I can’t picture it being very good for a fighting game.

I am going to have to code my own engine(or rip one off and modify that one like the Open Beats of Rage Engine).

but anyway its going to take awhile to make the game itself.

To parry or not to parry, that is the question.

I never liked parry I thought its nerfed alot of characters’s gameplans.(like twelve and sean)

I know nothing of gameplay, and can only wish you good luck. is great for would be mmo starting programmers.

Cancels my friend… That’s where it’s at.

air guard is my best friend .

why not just use one of the existing fighting game maker programs like MUGEN or Fighting Game Maker 2002. You see a lot of small Japanese companys use the FGM engine to make there games. In fact I think Eternal Fighter was made using FGM. MUGEN would probably be your best choice. The program is heavily documented and there are several good forums which can help if you get stuck with a concept or character. Having several years programming experience I can say a fighting game is by no means an easy thing to code. I would say use a program already established like MUGEN to start. if you can make a decent fighter with that then move forward in to making the whole engine yourself. Either way good luck :sweat:

Rip the cool shit from SvC and make a new, classic SF (with just the Capcom characters). Keep it simple, but up-to-date. I can direct it, and tell you what to do. First 3 months are free of charge.