Create a training regimen!

I’d like for you to create a beginner’s training regimen for Ultra Street Fighter 4 that you’re confident will bring beginners up to an intermediate level. Look back on your past experience of things you noticed made a big impact on your play, or things you learned later on that you wished you’d worked on sooner. Tips tricks, repetition count…etc whatever. I’d like to either compile the best of all your training regimens or collect them and start a new thread with a voting poll for each.

I feel like this could lead to some fantastic info for all the noobs looking to level up. Thanks!

what game?

Oh wow…shows how new I am to the forum. Lol. USF4

  1. I’m not convinced that one training regiment is ideal for all new players, especially since they won’t all gravitate to one character.

  2. Check out the stickies. We already have a collection of newbie links designed to get people up to speed:
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I suppose you’re right. You’re welcome to delete this thread. Thanks for the link, wish I’d seen it sooner :slight_smile:

Figure out how much time you have for training each day and stick to this. Do not over train. Very important at first because, just like bodybuilding if you overtrain, you don;t recover and process what you learn.
Practice Special moves. do 3 sets of reps of 20 attempts on both sides with each special move.
Practice getting around the screen by back dashing and forward dashing. 3 sets of going across the screen with both forward and back dash.
Set the training dummy to cpu, hard setting and spend 5 minutes only blocking, then spend five minutes fighting back but do not jump, Spend some time using focus attacks to adsorb attacks and dash cancel them to safety.
Spend time practicing a simple punish combo, 3 sets of 20 attempts each side.
Pick one button and play all the way through arcade mode only using that one button,to help learn how to use that one button in many different different circumstances

Wow. Here I was thinking this thread was a waste of time and you proved me otherwise. Thanks a lot. I really liked your idea of playing through arcade with 1 button. 1 button aside, I look forward to trying this with grabs. I always get my ass handed to me by people smart enough to use them when they can and am never sure of the appropriate moment and distance to use it, doing this with punches should kill my bad habit of only using crouch kicks. I always feel too vulnerable getting close enough for a punch. Reversal wake ups make close quarters feel too risky and gives good players more room to punish me. 1000pp+ players always seem to counter attack as if they expect me to fuck up a link. Not sure what I’m missing here.


Honestly, playing through arcade mode using only one button is what I would amount to a colossal waste of time. There really isn’t much you can learn from footsies playing the CPU.

Most of the rest of his advice was pretty valid.

They probably are hoping you fuck up your links, and the only two ways around this is to not fuck them up, or intentionally stop your combo and block their DP(usually what they use) and then punish. It’s annoying and I haven’t seen much of it from 1700+ players that I’ve been playing against recently but there are ways around it.

Not to learn footsies (since footsies has to do with not only with attacking, but counter poking, defending, ect) but to help memorize what that button does at all ranges (close, far, crouching, jumping forward, neutral jump). Not only will you memorize things quicker by doing it, but you may find new uses for a button vs certain attacks that you may have not have thought of or had pointed out to you.

I say dedicate at least 5 minutes to figuring out how to beat an opposing poke like bison’s etc juicebox has a good video breaking down footsies and how to practice it in training mode.

10 minutues of execution
10 min of hit confirms (set dummy on random guard)
5 min of anti airing difficult Jump ins
5 min footsies/whiff punishing

this is very helpful to me!

these are solid tips im gonna incorporate these things so i actually optimize my game time as appose to just pressing buttons

I’ve been doing something similar but this is a good way to narrow it down. I also found taking breaks is really helpful especially when you get frustrated with something.

Try the JWong training tip. Pick a combo that you want to get consistent with. Successfully complete it 50 times. If you drop it, start over.