Crazy infinites and random A-Groove madness

Alright, first and foremost if this is just re-hash I apologize today is actually the very first time I’ve PLAYED Capcom vs SNK 2 so I dont really know what goes on here. I have no idea what took me so long but at any rate I’m having a blast.

I’ve been playing around with this game a little over 3 and a half hours and in that time I’ve realized A groove custom combos with and infinite meter can produce some of the sickest combos in the game.

Can anyone share some random infinites that they know?

I’ve played around with Yun and the highest I’ve got with him was 38 hits while my Kyosuke A-groove custom combo made the hit combo meter stop at 100.

once again … sorry if this is old news or n00b techniques, I actually took some pride in finding an infinite my very first time playing this game.

A-Athena can keep doing her DP+HP move and go way off the screen. Same with A-Kyosuke with his QCF+K move. Then if you stop, they will take forever to land. It’s kinda cool.


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Sakura-DP xn

Bison Knockdown, carry to corner, DP XN.


with Ken, f+RH x infinity
with Iori, f+Mp x infinity
with Bision vs Chun, dn+RH x infinity

basically any cc has a point where they start repeating something…just keep doing it if you have infinite bar…yay :lame:

Training mode is not real life A groove action. You only get infinite bar in training mode.
I hope you’re talking about training mode and not real life?

With infinite bar you can do some of the lamest shit ever.

guile: towards + mk OR towards + hk
in the corner, sonic boom x N

any character with an uppercut gets an infinite, juggle them in the corner with it.

If you’re serious about sticking to A groove and learning the CC’s for real, learn sakura’s, bison’s and whatever other character you like.

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