Crazy Idea for a fighting game

(In the vein of the recent disney fighter thread)

for those that still even remotely watch MTV…don’t you think its about time for a Real World vs. Road Rules fighting game? I mean…they’ve had the inferno and the gauntlet and all that other BS…also take into consideration all the drama and rivalries that arose from all the shows (Special Intros!)…perfect setup for a fighter, don’tcha think?

woo waa wee waa

great success

crazy idea for a fighting game?


no thanks ill pass

crazy idea for a fighting game would be 3d capcom sword samurai battle featureing all sword users.

zero from megaman

dante from devil may cry

strider hiryu/hien

hyo from rival schools

hayate from that ps1 game

garuda street fighter ex.

some darkstalker character with a sword

or it could be like… last blade vs capcom!!
any other sword fighters?

Wouldn’t that just look like the DOA series? Except sub in white chicks for the Asian ones.

I’m fairly certain that me and several of my wrestler and BJJ friends could take any of the guys on that show.

Isn’t having (relatively) weak male fighters a problem for a fighting game?

As for the bitches, they’re nowhere near attractive enough to warrant a fighter, either.

Poor idea.

I would want them to make it just so I could laugh at all the horrible reviews and gameplay it would get… and to see MTV lose some money, since I haven’t been a fan of MTV for quite a few years now.

Alton would be god tier

damn right.

hwo bout one with all grappler based fighter…ie zangief

You mean like a wrestling game?


Man if Dhalsim was buff he’d be fuckin god-tier in a grappler-based fighting game.