Crazy boyfriend alert!

Long story short, this girl broke up with her boyfriend and is now with me. Her boyfriend is a fuckin psycho who called her today and told her that he heard everything we said at the park.

It was just me and her at the park. We walked around talking, but he somehow at home can hear us talk about every single thing. At first, I didn’t believe her until she texted him and ask him for the message. He told her he deleted the message but if we want, he will record everything we talk about again.

My question is, how the fuck does the crazy ex do this? She left her phone in her car while we walked around the park and just relax. But he somehow heard everyting we talked about. Any advice?

Been nice not knowing you.

did he list specific things you talked about, with quoted sentences?

If he didn’t, he’s lying. He’s crazy. Block his phone number and get a restraining order.

If he did, then he’s bugged her somehow, which is super creepy. He’s crazy. Block his phone number and get a restraining order.

This isn’t hard.

I’ll bite. How good is she in bed? Is she worth risking catching an ass-whooping from one or multiple individuals?

You should bag or box his phone.

Oh no, he recorded your conversation. Who gives a fuck. If he shows up at the front door, chop his ass in half. For now, don’t let it bother you.

You should get to know him, invite him out to dinner, have a couple drinks, bring him back to your place and seduce him.
He gets somebody to love, you get a pair of technically savvy hands to help around the house and your girlfriend gets delicious meat sandwiches every day.
Everybody wins.

show him how crazy you are! You’re suppose to be a wanderer.


Who’s her ex?

Mark Wahlberg?

He didn’t list. He recorded our fucking conversation while we were at the park… He recorded it somehow and then let her hear it. She told me she heard my voice and her voice over the phone, every single thing…

how the fuck does he do this… i feel like this is some only the fbi shit or lunatic mofo could do…

she told me he has friends that work for verizon and her phone is verizon so maybe he put something in her phone or some shit, but her phone was in her fucking car…

he has a lot of friends that can do this… i dont understand/never heard this shit could be possible. wtf?

You think the Internet has an answer? More specifically SRK?

good candidate for a topic to discuss it in the relationship thread they do have around here. but for now, the answer is BALLOOON



can i have your laptop after he kills you with his bare hands?

Maybe he’s jealous and wants you too now.

There’s a relationship thread.