into crossup burn kick help!

pretty much, i’ve tried all different ways of doing it, and I still can never get it to come out right. I can do everything fine except getting that low trajectory on the burn kick after i do the feint…its really bothering me because i set it up well alot of times and can’t get it to come out =( …and yes im using hp cancel

any tips on this?

Practice. And if you have already done that practice more.

Try doing the bk like this: :f::df::d::db::b::ub::u::uf::hk:

I’ll try that out when i get back to my xbox =)

I think this is one of the only big tools that I wish I could perform that I’m lacking in my game. How quickly it needs to be done seems almost overwhelming, but I think I need to just spend a good day in training mode practicing it.

yea i can get it to come out now I just need to make it a bitttt faster…and imo its needed, u can bait all day but theyll never worry about it unless u show them u can do it once so it helps in baiting after

Do you really need the feint? You can just SJC and go for a burning kick.

putting the feint makes the normal faster than if you sjc it…I think =X

I think the feint would make it easier for one, as it gives more time for the pushback on the to occur? Which would give more leniency. Plus the feint always distracts so your opponent won’t be so ready for a crossup.