Cr.MP - Kara DP - (Kara) DP

Found this when i was practicing Kara`s. Im sure some , if not all , of you know this allready , but i thought it was pretty cool non the less.

The link cr.MP-Kara DP works on every character , the extra Juggle works on those that a normal DP - Kara DP would work on ( check mopremes blogg ).

Damage is 60-70.

Now , the timing is strict , but the actual Kara is a bit easier than the regular way . At least I feel that way.

Is it useful? Prolly not , but if your going for something flashy , and you dont have meter , then its quite nice :rolleyes:

You can of course also do Medium\Fierce\EX DP on the second juggle on Q , Shotos etc , and u can also do cr.MP - Kara EX DP xx SA3 , but thats hardly worth it.

Anyways , tell me what you think.


The only thing that seems impractical about this mid-screen, is you have to be so close as to overlap Ken’s sprite with your opponent’s for this to connect. Sure there is the Shippu knockdown to get close, but there are better options after that IMO (Not to mention its inherent flaw of being parried high and low). I’m not even sure neutral throw can setup the distance for this with them teching back up… Confirmable kara dp sounds really nice, but if the distance is only as close as it is from the video, landing this on a good player is definitely going to be harder than the execution.

Good find though, if it works for you, it works! :tup:

Don’t feel like making a new thread sooo… How do kara DP? Is it f-HK or f-MK?

Yeah the high low parry , combined with extremely restricted distance makes it very little useful im afraid.

I will check some more tho , there might be some slight leniancy in the distance , but kens kara is extremely short so i doubt i can move away many pixels.

The one use i CAN think of , is on wakeup ( or similar ) and you get a succesful low parry . Normally youd link to shippu of course , but if your without meter this is nice too. You should be within range after a point blank down-parry i reckon.


“Don’t feel like making a new thread sooo… How do kara DP? Is it f-HK or f-MK?”

Either , they have the exact same first frame(s). Ive always used HK for some reason , but come to think about it , if the HK comes out ( in my link ) thats some huge frame disadvantage there. So MK might be better for this specific link.

If c.MP was the type of move people do at point blank, this would be good. But it’s mainly a tool when just outside of throw range. On wakeup if you do get a low parry, you’re better off doing c.MK into the SRKs since it’s easier and more reliable.

Agreed , no point in arguing there.

Tried it some more , it works with cl.MK with Ryu . Goes nicely hand in hand with SA2
( or 3 i guess ) .
I know that some characters ( Dudley and Alex? ) you can go straight into SA2 , but if your lacking a bit of meter , hit that Kara Fierce DP first and buffer the super , cant go wrong with that :looney: Crazy damage as well , about 110.

I tried Akuma as well , but of course I keep getting his demon flip so thats no good .