cr.LP, cr.LK, Link cr.MP xx ? Spiral


I am currently trying to master this so called bread-and-butter combo for Rose and I was wondering which Spiral type is used at the end.

My problem is that going for the MK or HK Spiral after a jump-in mk or a crossover-mk more often than not results in the Spiral coming to late and getting blocked. Either it comes too late or the earlier hits of the combo pushed my enemy too far away.
With the lk Spiral it seems to work pretty much every time I manage to string the attacks together. Guides however state that this Spiral is unsafe on block and shouldn’t be used too much.

Am I simply not fast enough in my execution or is LK.Spiral the usual combo ender for this?

I usually use lk spiral although it is usually unsafe on block, i suppose you’ve just got to get the link down to be confident enough to go for lk spiral all the time. If it is blocked from the beginning of the string just go for hk spiral as most frame advantage. Lk spiral can be safe with good spacing im pretty sure but theres not much point risking the punish on lk spiral, especially vs shotos who can whiff slk and punish the whiff of spiral.

Sometimes you will have to go for ex spiral if they are pushed too far back or after two crouching light punches.

If you have the link down, then ex spiral will always hit. Usually light spiral is the way to go, though I’m sure medium spiral would also would as long as you hit the cr.MP.

Uh, it’s a hitconfirm. What does it matter if your special is unsafe on block? You’re supposed to hit with it.