Cr lk into kara demon

I’ve been trying to do this but right after i do the cr lk, the jabs end up showing…?
i’ve see naz do this in a ranbat against chunkis and was wondering how do u hid the jabs after the cr lk???:looney:

Hold down Fierce Punch. Do and then the 2 jabs as quick as you can - holding down HP stops the jab from coming out straight after the - but if you’re slow they’ll come out.

you could try to do, lp, lp,, hp. that way, you can stop it on reaction if your opponent jumps…

thats too hard, just listen to Harmonaz. Its so easy.

fa sho. thanks for the info guys.

DO NOT LISTEN TO WAR TURTLES - trust me. Just do what I say :xeye:

yes, but it’s just way better. seriously, why not trying to learn it? i don’t get it.