CPS3 - What hardware is needed to get it up and running?


Say I want a CPS3 at home…what hardware do I need? I assume the motherboard, cartridge, cd-rom drive, cd, and cable connecting cd-rom drive to the motherboard? I already have a supergun so really just trying to figure out the CPS3-specific situation.

Is one region preferable to others? I.e., should I be on the look out for U.S. games? Does the hardware need to match up…that is, does the cd need to be the same region as the cartridge as the mb as the cd-rom drive? What about the no-cd version of games? Sounds like the best option, right?!

Thanks guys!!

I’m not a CPS3 pro, but in my experience, the only thing that caused hangups was not having enough Flash memory. Those little RAM looking sticks are actually Flash memory and the CD-ROM gets dumped to that flash memory whenever you put a different game in. This should answer many questions for you: http://wiki.arcadeotaku.com/w/CPS3

CPS3 is one of the worst arcade boards made.

“It’s quite possible CPS-3 will never be emulated when you take into account that very few systems were made, there were widespread reliability problems, and looking at the thing the wrong way kills it permanently.” - R. Belmont

I’ve owned many CPS-3 sets over the years and (barring a few carts that suicided while in storage, as can happen to any CPS2/3 games without fresh batteries for 3+ years) all my hardware is working same as when I first bought it. Never heard anyone else gripe about anything other than a limited number of games for it.

Big strides are being made in cart revival. All you fearful ones can have fun emulating while the rest of us enjoy the real deal :razzy:

Undamned, any chance of a consolized “UD-CPS3” sometime in the future?

You can say all the praises all you want but the board is horrible from multiple versions of the board (Exhibition, Development, Inspection, No-CD, and so on) to even corrupting on it’s own though the battery is still good. That is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to it there is the horrible programming that leads to a ton of glitches that cause the game crash even 3s has this.

Even though my favorite game is on cps3(it isn’t 3s) that doesn’t save the board.

big advances in cps3 right now. Carts being revived… Also, if anyone has a dead sf3 2i cart, try removing the battery and try start it up :wink:

I don’t follow how multiple versions is detrimental. CPSII has multiple versions of motherboards and game carts (not regions, actual hardware version changes).

I’ve never experienced this. Have you experienced this personally to explain further?

Can you confirm that this is the fault of the hardware and not oversights in the game code?

I have a wonderful case for it in hand. I’ll likely do a few of these to see what people think.

Guys, I appreciate all the feedback and info. Great stuff.

ud, sign me up for a UD-CPS3, man! I’ll have space for it right next to my UD-CPS2! :slight_smile:


Didn’t it get emulated though? I’m sure I’ve had an emulator of it at some point over the years.

Not perfect a lot of graphic errors, unsure cpu speed, flipped tile mapping, no alpha blending and quite few more you can look at mame source to see all the problems (Fba is worse at emulating the cps3). Also is the graphics part of the board 30 and 31 if i remember right is the part most likely to corrupt on it’s own too.

Ahh, yeah. I don’t remember how it played or anything but it sounds like it wasn’t that great.