Cps3 sound issues

I have had a few CPS3 systems and noticed they all have some sorta sound issue. I just gota 3rd strike system and the sound pot doesn’t work right. I have to turn it all the way up to get the sound on and its very quiet… Must be the age of the boards? Is there a resistor or chip to fix this?


Hmm, the boards are set to amplified mono and not line-level stereo right…?

Well they have both on them… but yes I’m refering to amplified mono part of the board which plays through the jamma.

Yes I know it has both options, but have you explicitly set sound to be output as amplified mono from the test menu? An easy thing to miss if using Jap software…!

I did do that… and its the USA version of the game.

Regardless of what you set the board to will continue to output mono sound through the jamma connector. I would say that the pot is just going bad, it happens. If your feeling really adventurous you could give changing the pot a try. Youll need to put a multimeter on one of your boards to find out the pots value and measure the pin spacing on the pot to find a match. Could be an interesting project. If you do it let me know how it turns out.