CPS2 - Revive and/or conversion

I have a dead Marvel vs Streetfighter that I got for free from a local vendor. Frankly, I detest MvsSF, but hey, its a free A&B board.

I have a copy of the phoenix roms for MvsSF, but there is only data for three chips: 03, 04, and 07. I guess my questions are:

  1. Is reflashing those three chips with the phoenix roms all that is required? Pop the three out, flash them, and replace?
  2. Does anyone have any information on what would be required to convert the game to, well, any other CPS-2 game? I keep hearing about configuration jumpers, but never any information on what they do or how they’re used.

That’s… what it sounds like to me.

Very little was actually encrypted on CPS2. Only the main program ROMs got the encryption (and why there were .03x, .04x files for the XORs).

You’d probably want to check CPS2Shock for more information.

I’m certain, though, you would never need Phoenix ROMs for 01, 02, 11, 12 and anything graphics-related.

Reason you don’t see any information about this is probably because the few in the know aren’t interested in seeing even more bootlegs on the market.

I’m not interested in an ethical argument. I’m a geek, not a philosopher. If you have any information that might help, it would be appreciated.

Tiberious, thanks. I’ll order an eeprom programmer and give it a shot.

Since the game’s already dead, you could a) flash those chips and see what happens, or b) get replacement chips and see what happens. No harm no foul, either way. And, worst case scenario, you pop out ROMS 3-10 and send them to Razoola, along with $40, to get them Phoenixed professionally. Not a bad price, including return shipping, for a suicide-free game…imho.

BTW, you know programmers for these chips are pretty expensive?..hence the reason more people aren’t making copies from their copies. If you find something cost effective, please post a link.

I know the sky’s the limit depending on how much you want to spend, but you should be able to find one that will work for $150 or less. I still need to make a list of EEPROMs used, but I know there are adapters for Willem programmers for the chips I do know the cps2 uses. I was looking at a USB programmer for like $150 on ebay that, according ot the list, supported the 27c322.

It may be a bit much for hobbiests, but I’m starting school towards an EE degree, so I think I’ll be getting enough use out of it. :slight_smile: If it means I can repair the MvsSF board, and phoenix my working and much loved Vampire Savior board, that alone would be worth it to me.

If that’s all they are, then that’s not bad at all…definitely a worthwhile investment. Last time I checked on programmers for the chips on ST board, they were like $500-$600, w/ adapter. It makes sense that chips from a newer game would be more readily compatible with programmers that are more cost-effective.

Very interested to see how this goes. :slight_smile: