CPS 2 Help

Can anyone help me out with this board?

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If I have a jamma setup in my cab, do I have to have the adapter plugged in for it to work? On the bottom of the board there is a jamma connection but then there is another jamma adapter that is attached to the baord. The jamma setup works fine because it has been tested on another board and everything is fine. Another question, if I only have the 1st player side connected to the joystick and the buttons, will there be an issue if I don’t have the 2nd side hooked up? Any help is appreciated.

Your question is strange. I have this board, you need the adapter board (OSD) since it allows you to switch games. The adapter board is JAMMA compliant. I only have one controller plugged into my Supergun usually and I haven’t had any problems with the board.

I was going to pick one of these up awhile back, how do they compare to say FBA on Xbox/PC?

There’s no comparison, I’ve tried a dozen emulators and they all lag.

Here’s my CPS2 18-in-1, with a case mod.

They’re alright mine came with one game not working properly and it was HSF2. I don’t have the OG characters sounds, and some of the other games have minor graphical glitches. Remember even though the board is a boot its still true CPS2, so there isn’t any issue with lag that’s associated with emulated versions of the multi boards.

I don’t have OG sounds either (from Hyper Fighting down to World Warrior), I think that’s normal.

So bk, basically the answer to my 1st question is yes. I do have to have the adapter plugged in all the time.

in mind some of my moves down work in XvsSF (mp+mk move with wolverine and storm), game starts lagging if you press coin a lot, also now noticed that I don’t get amplifed sound out of jamma so now I need to wire up another speaker just for this board. In all honesty my patience with this hacked board is running thin.

Not to mention all the xor errors that occur randomly in games. Something about the pointers for the regions (which you can select) overwrites some ram which it isn’t supposed to do which leads to the errors. Never had that problem via emulation though (same with the coin glitch that I mentioned and all the moves are there for XvsSF via emulation).

So an update for this is that I have the board plugged in and the cab is on but there is no sound or video. Everything looks fine. I’ve got 3 green lights that light up on the board itself so it looks like it is trying something. The other board that I used to test the jamma connection was an Xbox-to-jamma board and it works fine. Any ideas?

the sucker takes a lot of juice, try turning the potentiometer on the power supply (if using a regular arcade power supply) to increase the power and try cleaning the connection on the board itself.

Have you tried arcadecontrols.com forums? They are much more cabinet and arcade board oriented over there.

^ No I have not tried arcadecontrols.com before. I didn’t know about them. I’ve looked at the neo-geo forums but nothing yet.

Also, would a voltage meter be recommened over multimeter or are they about the same thing?

I’d like to hear more about this. I’ve been considering picking up an 18-in-1 after messing with Jesse’s at ArcadeLegacy some

Theres a guy on klov.com that sells them, and I highly recommend you get it from him. He makes sure to test them heavily before shipping them out. Like Ive said before since it is a boot a lot of times they come with issues. At least buying it from this guy youll know youll be getting a working board. His name is nixs pop him a pm.

Awesome, Ill have to keep that in mind

Do u guys know how I can change the power/voltage at the jamma connection? I don’t want to change it on the power supply but at the connection to the board. jammaboards recommended that I try that.

Update: I’ve got the voltage for the board and it fires up now. My new ? is (especially for bk since u already have this board) how the hell do I hook up a kick harness to this board? I have a Neo-Geo 64 candy cab with a standard 4 button layout. Holes were already made for the kick buttons on the bottom but there is no wiring for it. Can someone please explain how I can get the kick buttons to be activated and if I need one or two kick harnesses for both players to have kick buttons? Thanks guys.