CPP SF4 tournament -Pomona, Ca- 6/8/09

Hey guys. Java Club is having another sf4 tournament but this time we’re working with the school (ASI). We’ve been debating about the whole tournament and what rules should be set so here’s what has been settled:

  • Free tournament (no fee’s, come sign up and play)
  • Single Elimination
  • Best 2/3 matches
  • 2 ps3’s for the tournament, 1 xbox360 for casual play
  • You can bring your own controllers or sticks

Prizes are Best Buy Gift Cards:
1st place: $30
2nd place:$20
3rd place: $10
4th place: $10

If anyone can provide a ps3 console let me know.

Cal Poly Pomona, Bronco Student Center Game Room
3801 W. Temple Ave.
Pomona, Ca 91768

Here’s the link of the cross streets:

June 8, 2009 (Monday)
8:00 PM - 12:00 AM

I haven’t seen the promotional flyers yet so I’ll update this as much as possible and I’ll check up on this forum from time to time to answer questions so feel free to ask. We were suppose to have a pre-reg but I’ll take reg here.

This tournament is ass.

elaborate your ideas as to why you think this tournament is ass. I’m still trying to settle for better rules and any suggestions would be accounted for.

why is it that people love doing tournaments without sticks? could we please get that changed?

You said no sticks. That right there makes it ass. At least have an option of bringing your own sticks, it only makes it fair.

I didn’t come up with the rules; I’m more of a promoter/messanger of the event but as a stick player I’m trying to settle for players to bring their own sticks. Currently I’m getting mixed information as to what the rules are.

My source is a combination of outdated information from the organizer and second hand up to date information from the Java club president. Java club (me) are trying to settle for better rules (atleast bring your own sticks) to the tournament.

If at the least, its free and its not on xbox360 pads. But if you guys are still interested keep an eye because I’m still working with them about the rules of the tourney.

Nobody is going to want to drive out to enter a single elimination tournament that doesn’t allow sticks and doesn’t even specify what the prizes are, free or not. This is as bad if not worse than gamestop. But at least then we knew we were fighting for our right to play on sticks and an arcade cab with a free vacation.

just my thoughts since i was thinking of driving up there but the rules T_T

2/3 Rounds,
2/3 Games
Double Elimination
99 Seconds
No Handicap

at least a $5.00 entree fee
with cash prizes thats always good

people should be able to use what they feel more comfortable with
if they use stick theyll bring there own stick
if they use pad theyll bring there own pad
dont see whats so hard bout that

why would you ban seth and gouken?

I’m aware of this

If we charged 5 dollars we would be charged a fee for renting out the room. We lost money running the tourney last time so we wanted an alternative to still fund raise or atleast spreading the clubs existence.

I recognize that these are the standard rules (who doesn’t) but we’re not doing double elimination due to time contraints.

The stick problem? the hell if i know. I’m trading ideas with him still; the guy is hard to reach.

for seth and gouken I’ve been getting too many complaints about them being cheap (I havent seen it for myself) and I’m not gonna deal with it so I decided to remove them

*Date and time has been changed
*Best 2/3 matches has been added

*Sticks are now allowed/ you can bring your own controller

  • Updated prizes
  • Removed the ban on gouken and seth for now until i get further responses from this forum as to whether people want him in or not. If not we’ll have a vote at the tourney because I don’t know what the situation on how balanced they are.

I think it is better to be double elimination. Because it might be a far drive for lots of people, and they would like to have more gametime.

Yea I would like it to be double elimination as well but we only have two consoles, time management, and we expect a busy day overall because we’re having a 10 to midnight event for cal poly students (finals week celebration). sorry for the inconvenience.

No problem. How about more rounds instead of double elimination?
That would saves a lot of time plus more gameplay=)

That’s actually a good suggestion. I’ll talk to them about that. I’m pretty sure I can get the ok on it.

wait is this tourney on a monday?

sticks provided??

if so, what kinda sticks??


yea. it was the only day we could work with the school and remove any fees slapped on us.