Covers and brief synopsis for Issue 9

Toy News International has the Devil’s Due Solicitations for June 2k4!! Check it out for the covers and issue summary for issue 9.

Nice, thanks. Cover B reminded me that Manga Ent. will release Alpha 2 somewhere in our lifetime.

I would recommend cross-promotion to Udon… if it were any other company but Mangle.

Wow Cover B looks a little Mike Mignola-ish.

And props to Jo Chen, that Vega is wicked.:eek: One of her best cover yet…

thank god, i’ve finlly found someone else who remembers that alpha 2 is supposed to be coming out

leSean’s done gd with cover B. very alpha anime styled. glad he got a job after his tmnt title bein cancelled

the next street fighter arc is gonna b gd

Damn, Im gonna have to get Cover B as well a the Vega Power foil cover. I hate when 2 of my favorite characters have cover in the same month.

Cant wait for the Dhalsim Power-foil.

the vega cover is amazing

Cover B is sooooo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. they even made Ryu’s headband form upwards like that just like Leonardo’s in some pics i saw in the past

How many issues were released of TMNT? Did it end in the middle of a storyline? I know theres one TPB for the first 4 issues. Did they release more?

Can anyone point me to a good site for LeSean stuff? I see some stuff like a Chun-li sketch in Google, but the links are all broken (site is down)…

At least post the SF sketches/art here if any of you guys have them. Thanks.

I think DW cuts TMNT at 7? Not 100% sure.

You can find out more bout LeS at the following sites -

Whoa! You guys all need to click on and check out Keron Grant’s website. Click on Gallery -> Miscellaneous and check out all the SF artwork he’s done. Pretty dope!

Vega=Karolina from Runaways lol

The foil is the only cover I really like, but I’ll end up buying them all anyway. I’m also glad that the story isnt leaving out Ken just because he’s not training with Ryu.:cool:

Wouldn’t it be nice if Keron is gonna be a guest…?:cool:

heheh Erik, flashing out hints already? btw did u get the camera back yet, its been almost 2 weeks. I kno ur busy, but just wondering if u had any luck with it =P

hmmm. Cover A with Cammy looks okay. like the way Bison is drawn, it sure matches his evil heheh. Cover B looks hmmm. Not to bad, I might get it. Let’s see about the foil cover… Vega is well done on that one. I guess I should go with the Vega one.

I know I owe you a picture… give me a little time…

kk, take your time then :cool:

Anyways On-Topic
I like cover B. It has a nice look/action. But, heh in the end I will probaly just ending up getting The Vega cover by Jo Chen :p. Anyways speaking of Alpha 2? erm when did they say it was “supposedly” gonna be release. heh Alpha was nice, but man I thought Akuma would actually be in it, in it and not just appear and do nothing. Well, until the last scene where Ryu and him jump towards each other. O well, i guess we can only wait :confused:


Wow cover b and c look so good. Alpha movie stle shading all the way! Yeah the chun and vega covers by jo are the best yet. Can’t wait for it.


Thanx guys, just pokin in to say whassup and that i’m pumped to
contribute a short story to the franchise i grew up with…

Udon’s a great bunch of guys and i’ve been impressed with so much love and effort thats gone into this franchise that easily be ruined if not done right.

Udon has done their homework and i’m just glad i’m on board to leave my touch on this scorcher of a series…

Yeah i wanted to approach my guest work in the same art direction vein of SF alpha movie…a film that i thought was the best thing since SF2: the movie…
i’m glad that it translated… The back-up story art will be the same way…
hope you guys enjoy and thanx for the kudos on the cover!


see you guys in june!



Cool. I like the look quite a bit and its good to see so much variety in the back-up stories.