Cover of Arcadia Magazine by Udon

If thats goin to be the Game cover of the Ps2 & Xbox I would buy it for real :tup:

It is a great illustration. I hope their ingame art is absolutely awesome!

yo guys…is that the cover to the next issue then? and do u have any idea of what kinda coverage it will have? i have the last 2 issues, and the last one only had 2 pages, enarly all text ( and ic ant read japnese dammnit )

cover does rock though! sweet

Wow, Udon doing Arcadia covers. Sniff, sniff, that’s beautiful man! Tears of joy. :sad:

Arcadia hits my Japanese Bookstore next week. Can’t wait!

Let us know the content of the magazine (main features/games) besides Quest of D, CFJ, Tekken 5, Quiz Magic and Gundam.

No problem. Can’t read Japanese but I’ll tell you what’s inside. Should get my copy next Wednesday.

YAY! It’s finally out! Too bad that we left 1 day before it actually hits the shelves in Japan!

I am very proud, that ARN’s art graces the cover of a Japanese magazine! :slight_smile: And we have only Capcom to thank as they hook us up with this job! Can’t wait to receive our copies…

Its the 30th, so list of contents and color cover is up on the site (see first post for link). Sano, if you get it, pass by the NGBC thread at the fighting game forum.

shit i am gonna order that magzine right now …the dilema is whether i rip the cover off and stick it on my wall, or just keep it pretty and loook at it alot, maybe stroking it occassionally :slight_smile:

sweet job udon!

OK. I’ll check today but in New York City, we usually get it a week late.

No rush.

That cover is really sweet. Arn should be the main penciler for the SF comic for sure. I think he is Udon’s top artist.

iT looks nice.

cover is hot. you shoulda been contacted by capcom to do the art for all images of the game. i hope that you were. =/

No Arcadia this week in NYC, probably because it came out late last week in Japan, the 30th fell on a Thursday. We ‘should’ get it next week.

Actually the best idea would be if Arnold Tsang pretty much was the main penciller and the back up stories were done by CRMK,Kinu Nishimura, and Ikeno.

I’m still waiting on my arcadia aswell, ordered it online from japan, so should maybe be here tomorrow…hopefully…will try to put up scans quick :slight_smile:

Got my copy of Arcadia, hooray! I can honestly say it’s one of Arcadia’s best covers. Anyway, beaking down the issue -

  • Lots of stuff of on NGBC, most of which is covered in Time_Stop’s Thread since NYC got Arcadia a bit later than usual, but I’ll still swing by his Thread and throw in my 2 cents. Anyway, looking forward to playing NGBC!

The CFJ/CFE section has the Shinkiro Pic you’ve probably seen before of Ryu, Chun-Li, (close to each other, hooray for my two favorite characters!) Sakura, Ingrid, Vega(Cape), Felicia, and Hauzer. Me want Poster! The Move Lists for all of the characters are included (minus the Bosses Pyron and Shin Gouki who are not pictured.) Movelists are reminiscent of SVC MOTM on the Neo Geo Pocket as everyone has a slew of moves, but just like that game stuff like moving forward and pressing punch is listed as a move. Mukuro, Karin and Guy have the hugest Movelists. Mukuro has the most. Background characters are sited, I’m not sure they show all of the background shots but they show you Dan, Makoto, Maki, E.Honda, Ibuki, Sagat, Adon, Dhalsim, Ken, Nash, Sean, Deejay, Cody, Cammy, Hugo and Birdie. Looks like these are all or most of the SF Cameos. Anyway, the screenshots look hot, another Game I can’t wait to play! Ah, these are going to be a long two Months…

Also in Arcadia are new outfits of Tekken 5 of (not being that familiar with Tekken, I’m not sure 100% who’s new and who’s old 'cept for Nina) Nina Williams, Steve Fox, Lei Wolong, and Lee Chaolan. Nina’s outfit is smoking! Looks like purple camo sci fi clothes! Well, looks better than it sounds…

There’s an Ad for Guilty Gear’s new Drama CD, ‘Night of Knives Vol. 1.’ This is great GG, but where’s an Anime!!! They also advertise the GG NY and LA Vocal Editions. I have NY, love it to death and am impatiently waiting for my LA Version to come in the mail. It’s basically English lyrics sung over GG tracks with curses! MWAHAHAHA! Ad for GG Isuka Soundtrack too.

One page on XBox’s SF AC Online impressions.

Ad for Tokyo International Film Festival that includes Pokemon, Duel Monsters and Gundam Seed Destiny. Being held October 23 and 24th in Japan. Well, If I was five years old, this would excite me! :rofl:

Ad for the new Rumblefish Mook. Oooh, character design Art!

Anyway, list of top arcade games in Japan (those that have titles written in English and are Fighters, would take me a minute to translate all of the Kanji for the rest)

  1. King of Fighters Neowave
  2. Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned
  3. Guilty Gear XX # Reload the Midnight Carnival
  4. Capcom vs. SNK 2 Milllionare Fighting 2001
  5. King of Fighters 2003
  6. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - New Age of Heroes
  • Seems like older Capcom Games are getting lots of play all of a sudden in Japan Last month, Marvel Super Heroes vs. SF was on the List! Perhaps this is Tourney season… Or maybe Marvel Movies are getting Japanese to rediscover these Games. Anyway, congrats to KOF!

More strategies in KOF Neowave and Virtua Fighter Final tuned, nothing new in terms of pics/characters.

Arcadia includes a small book all about a Gundam Z DX Arcade Game inside the Magazine. It’s about 65 pages, that’s insane!

There’s a two page report on our very own Evlolution 2004 Tournament that is a “Special Report & Foriegn Player Questionnaire.” You can see Justin Wong, John Choi and Stomp Out Loud’s names written in English in the Magazine!

Seems like there’s a new Dragon Ball Z Card Game called DATACARDASS. Um, take the last three letters of that name and make you’re own jokes…

Some pics of Sammy’s new 3D Fighter, Kenju. Looks cool, and is gonna include some hyper exagerated foreshortening! A kick to the screen will make your foot look larger than your body. Comic Book Artists rejoice!

Yay! upcoming Models of Garnet, Jam, two Cammy’s I-No and Lei Lei(Hsenko).

Two pages of cosplayers. Usual stuff, but someone is cosplaying as Spider-Man!

And why do I buy Arcadia every Month when I can’t read Japanese? Two words: Fan Art! (Hint, hint, Udon! We want more fan art in the SF Comic pretty please!) Anyway, the best of the best are of Jam, Baiken, Dizzy, Robert with Yuri, Chun-Li, Guy with Maki, Effy(Necro’s girlfriend) Pai of VF, Elena, Felicia, I-No and Shermie.

As usual there’s Fan Comic Strips! One is of Hauzer and Nool Fighting while Ingrid looks at a Panda. Yeah, strange…

Then it includes a butt load of Character Design Artwork for the Key of Avalon.

And that’s about it. Anyone interested in purchasing Arcadia and will be NYC, go to Asahiya Bookstore on 45th Street between Fifth and Madison. As soon as you walk into the store, go all the way down, hang a sharp right and there’s a stand that has a bunch of Magazines. With Tax the issue ran me $9.10.

Which Japanese bookstores in the city carry Arcadia?

EDIT N/M I’ll go to Asahiya this weekend when I hit Digital Life.