Couple 3rd Strike-style changes to balance Yun a bit

Far s. MP no longer cancelable into anything besides his FP chain
-Will put a stop to near endless s. MP > shoulder pressure/meter build against characters like 'Sim. Right now this normal is like Sagat’s vanilla s. LK against Claw. Except Sagat couldn’t get on top of you as easily as Yun could (and that wasn’t his game plan to begin with in most match-ups).
Upkicks no longer hit crouchers (like it was in 3S).
-This will prevent Yun from hitting his link combos into upkicks on smaller characters, which will force him to use lunge punch and give up some of the positioning that his upkicks would normally give for ambiguous cross-up divekicks.
-Also allows other characters to pressure Yun more safely on wake-up since you’d be able to duck it with crouch meaties like you could in 3rd Strike.
Longer start-up time on EX lunge punch
-Right now, it’s basically the full-screen equivalent of Abel’s f. MK. and the risk is near non-existent on it since the worst that’ll happen is you get jabbed or DPed out of it if your opponent reads well and has quick enough reactions. Either that or make it -frames on block.

Yun’s broken tier, but he’s not as bad as most people say he is. He’s got a few hard match-ups, and he’s not unbeatable by any means. His risk/reward is just a bit too skewed in one direction.

doesn’t saying his broken tier imply that he is that bad? I don’t think he’s broken, but he’s op.

  1. Shoulder doesn’t have the same block stun as Sagat’s TK, so it isn’t quiet the TK lockdown he had in Vanilla. S.MPXXX Shoulder also isn’t a true block string and can be hit in between the shoulder. If you’re being brainless with it you can definitely eat a DP.

  2. Upkicks already whiff on a decent amount of the cast when they are blocking.

  3. I am a little torn on this… On one had, I sort of agree with you. EX LP is a little too good. Comparing it to Abel’s F.MK is pretty accurate. :stuck_out_tongue: But, I, myself, abuse the hell out of this move sometimes, so I’d hate to see it change, lol. To make it fair I guess it shouldn’t be +1 on block or maybe not move Yun so close to an opponent(similar to Balrogs TAP).

I think those changes are reasonable enough and won’t really change the way Yun is played.

The only thing that I don’t like is trying to “balance” Ex Lunge by making it negative on block. The fact that it can be punished on reaction by 99% of raw ultras, literally any normal, or DP is more than enough reason to leave it +1 on block. If your opponent can’t react to a full screen move then they deserve to get hit by or be forced to block it. If you want to play a game balanced for bad players, go play MVC3.


All you have to do is to buffer your ultra of choice against a Yun who likes to throw out EX LP out a lot.
I don’t agree with those changes, the only thing he needs is maybe a little damage nerf on palm (like Guys flip grab) and it also shouldnt build that much meter, its a little too much imo.
But I also don’t think that he’s OP like everyone says, he isn’t Vanilla Sagat but everyone treats him to be like the most broken sf character ever made.
He’s really good, but beatable. And please, for the love of god, stop underestimating the other twin or Fei… If Yun gets nerfed to death and the other two stay the same, everyones going to bitch about them so nothing would change imo.

WTF making st mp not special cancelable. -.- that’s stupid

i support any nerf that will

i don’t think nobody is underestimating yang or fei. it’s just that their top tier-ness isn’t clear as yuns thus they hate for yun. personally i think yun is fine outside his dumb ex command grab and ex lunge being plus 1 on block. if i would like to see any changes to yun, it would just be to reduce yun ex grab range and make ex lunge even on block or -1. with the way he builds meter for free, he shouldn’t have a free way in also.

He, unlike other characters, has options, and that is an amazing thing.
And I hope they make him even stronger in the next update.
More options: more fun!

If they made ex lp -2 block but made it able to combo with yuns far mp/cr mk would you all shut up?
The main complaint seems to be that ex lp is plus on block not that it combos into full cinematic ultra.

Well, the ultra itself does little damage (compared to other), so that’s probably why no one complains about it.

I’ll take all those nerfs if you give me 3S Genei Jin with same juggle properties (including post GJ) :slight_smile:

And we can realistically land it 3-4 times per round :slight_smile:

what a horrible way to change things on yun. needs less hitbox/active frames. that would fix that