Countering throws

I’m using Ryu right now. Sometimes when I fight someone, they always throw after they block a j.HK from me. I’m pretty sure they’re doing it every single time, so the following scenarios occur

If I follow up the j.HK with Ryu’s overhead punch, I get thrown because it’s too slow
If I follow up with a cr.MK, he blocks it
If I follow up with my own throw, it either breaks or one of us gets thrown
If I follow up with a DP, the DP animation starts but I get grabbed out of it

What can I do to counter?

Try this: when you land after the jump-in, press LP, LK, and MP at the same time while holding down back. I’m assuming you know what an option-select is. If not, this is a good time to learn :smiley: You could also try to mix it up and do a back dash or a neutral jump.

On a sidenote, how the hell are you getting grabbed out of a DP? Pretty sure his DPs are invincible on startup. You’re probably getting thrown out of the 4-frames of landing lag. Try to hit your j.HK deeper.

So by holding down back and pressing LP + LK, I’ll do an option select to block, throw, and throw tech, right? But what does the MP do?

I’ll try the deep jump kick. Thanks for the help!

you get a which hits and can be cancelled into a special.

but that shouldnt be necessary, after you should be at frame advantage and your opponent in blockstun, you have all the time to frametrap him or keep him in a blockstring. If you cant do that, you are doing it wrong.

Throws require them to be standing. Do, cr.lp and hit-confirm into either a linked hp uppercut, or cr.hp xx hk tatsu.

Ryu’s uppercut cannot be thrown on the ground, ever, regardless of version. You’re not getting your uppercut fast enough.

He can’t block while trying to throw you. Delay your more.