Counterhit into U2

[media=youtube]RPjiYNO2xXI[/media] @2.50 counterhit allows u2 to link

Ohhhhhh snap. New tech to use. Yes.

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Close combos into U2 if the second hit is a counter-hit eg. if you break a focus attack, or if you stuff a reversal. The weird thing is that SPS doesn’t, even though both attacks give +4 on normal hit. It’s possible that some focus attacks allow the second attack to land meaty, which gives more plus frames. I have a setup for meaty close which I need to try out, and I’ll try this vs Rose’s EX SS on wakeup.

edit: confirmed working vs Rose and Viper if they try EX SS or EX Seismo on wakeup.

forget it … no practical value
almost imposible to pull it off online , at least for us mortals …even offline is verry hard to react to that

would you mind telling us what said setup is? =D

IIRC it’s f.throw,, The will hit meaty.

Hey this might not be something consistent and easy to do but if you happen to remember that can be quite useful. It’s just something thats nice to know that may pay off sometime.