Counter ultra's?

so first off let me apologize for making a useless thread as i’m pretty sure this info is allready posted somewhere here in the akuma forums… i just am having no luck finding it through the search feature especially since it’s giving me a blank output screen 70% of the time >.< (if anyone knows why that happens i would LOVE to know cause i like search features). so after 30 minutes of trying to search for this i figured f it, i’ll ask.

so i know what all i can block and then punish with ultra… but what i’m trying to figure out now is that all moves i can land a ultra on, on their way in. like i have seen a lot of jump-ins punished with ultra, i’m looking for more moves like that where i can maybe find a pattern or tendency and catch someone. if anyone even has a link i wouldn’t mind reading through a lot of pages of stuff to find the gems.

oh and what is the timing for the AA ultra? cause when i’m trying it i just eat a boot to the face for my troubles >.<

again sorry for the dumb question.

do a or and start to buffer the demon input
by the way you hit or you will lower your hitbox so that the kick whiffs and the ultra hit

credits goes by lordofultima he has also a youtube video show this stuff i mentioned above

I’ve only been able to land an ultra on jump in a few times (I can maybe count them on ONE hand) because my execution sucks lately, but the times I got it to work, the opponent’s kick was already out and in my face, taking advantage of the few invincibility frames in Akuma’s Ultra startup.

Another fun way to use the ultra is against Rog users who like to headbutt through fireballs from all the way accross the screen instead of jumping over them. And finally, against any opponents that just loves to absorb FB’s with Focus Cancels. Caught one from full screen once (got lucky and nailed his pattern down perfectly).

For some reason he stopped trying to focus cancel absorb my fireballs after that. Can’t fathom why? :lol:

I can’t for the love of me, get this down. Hitting Down + MK throws my timing out the window or just messes with my hand positioning so much that I can’t get the RD inputs done.

Any suggestions on the best way to do c.MK and not mess up your hand positioning for the ultra inputs?

Yup, buffering opens up your timing window a bit more. Without a buffer, the wiundow is so small that it’s not even worth it. cr.MK is good on a stick, cr.HK should be loads easier to learn for pad players because the HK is on a shoulder button, rather than requiring acrobatics for hitting two opposite face buttons in succession with one thumb.

You want to start input as they begin to descend from their jump arch. By the time the Ultra comes out they would be at about shoulder height of your startup, and that’ll nail 'em.

i would really like to help you but i didnt figure it out myself how to do it consistanly
ask lordofultima he will help you or look at his video on youtube about the raging demon
there he shows also the buffering input after a

using the fightstick i hit LP+MK twice with my middle and ring finger respectively, and LK+HP with my thumb and ring finger

Oh man buffering woes for pad players =/

so… i’m feeling really dumb considering i did all that searching only to overlook the “sf mechanics and the raging demon” sticky up at the top that explains exactly what i was asking… ignore me :sweat: